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Aug 10, 2007 11:01 PM

Scarboni is over!

Ok, maybe this is old news to the CH folks, but I just drove by Scarboni tonight for the first time in awhile and it was dark. "For Lease" sign on the door. How long has it been closed? I am almost tempted to not ask, based on my last visit there, which was disappointing, but here goes: what happened???

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  1. It was closed a few weeks ago when I walked past, don't know the story either.

    1. Info here:

      I thought Scarboni was an answer to an un-asked question for Santa Monica dining. Hopefully the BBQ place is good. It'd be great to have a soul-food bbq place just off of the Promenade.

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        I think the rumor was that the same owners were converting the place to bbq. Now there is a for lease sign in the window, which I interpret to mean that even the bbq is history. The rent there is expensive as you would expect, so whoever takes the place should know more about how to make good food and satisfy customers, as we have gathered that Scarboni did not.
        personally, I thought it was doomed from day 1.