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Aug 10, 2007 10:01 PM

Need Recipes for non alchoholic sangria....or unusal tasty lemonades

Yes, I know that if it doesn't have wine it is not technically a sangria, but I would like some recipes for drinks I can put in my large glass jars for a party and I want something that would make an outstanding presentation. Sangria or unusual lemonade recipes. Basically send me recipes for drinks that have pretty colors and taste great. I have three giant glass jars so I would like to have them all on the table.

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  1. Hibiscus tea - you could add sugar and some fresh fruit. Unusual and very dramatic color.

    1. How about some lavender lemonade?

      Also --- grab some rhubarb and boil it down, then strain out the jewel-tone syrup. (The fruit can be used as a special topping for ice cream, or even mix some in with chicken salad instead of a chutney. YUM)

      So, take the rhubarb syrup. Combine this with seltzer (or lemonade -- why not?) for your own Italian sodas. It would settle in a layer of your glass jar, so it might be hard to serve in that way. You could set it out in a little boat and have guests drizzle it into their beverages.

      BTW -- as a nondrinker, hooray for a post on nonalcoholic coolers! I read a great story in the Boston Globe last winter about how restaurants are (finally) stepping up to offer pretty drinks minus the booze.

      1. I don't know if this is unusual, but it is a family favorite. 1 pkg of tropical punch koolaid, 1pkg of lemon aid koolaid, 2 cups of sugar, and instead of water, use club soda or 7-up (may want a little less sugar with the soda and you can always add more if needed) Slice lemons and limes and float in punch. Makes a pretty red punch.

        1. lemonade with freshly sliced cucumber is very refreshing.

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            I agree with foxy_fairy. I'd like to suggest one other option to the rhubarb syrup. If you can find a frozen strawberry punch, to mix into a syrup, or maybe even the mixed juices such as cranberry and strawberry to add to the rhubarb... I made a rhubarb and strawberry punch for my daughter's 8th birthday party, and the kids LOVED it!!! I didn't make it either too sweet or allow it to be too tart. Anything, from low sodium club soda, sparkling spring water, to (diet) lemon-lime soda can be used with it.


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              I love cucumber lemonade, especially with the addition of some mint. Very summery presentation and very effective thirst-quencher.