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Aug 10, 2007 09:28 PM

Fave Markets/Grocers that are seen on Food Shows?

I have market envy.

- Where does the Take Home chef shop?
- How about the market where Alton Brown finds good eats?
- Where are the Top Chef kids grabbing their grub?

Most of my local grocers are major chains, and even as chains they have different brands that really aren't that different in this market. Those on these shows seem much more chowntiful. Any links? Any background on ownership?

Or do you have any suggestions on your own fave places that seemingly have an abundant selection of meats, seafood, veggies, etc?

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  1. While I don't have access to a Fresh Market here in Northern Virginia, I still like the store (somewhat expensive however), which is where a lot of the shopping on Top Chef occurs.

    Have also seen Alton at the Fresh Market and Whole Foods in Atlanta.

    1. On season 1 Top Chef they shopped at Berkeley Bowl..which is where I get a majority of my produce from. It's like a produce mecca in there. I don't know why the hell Harold from TC1 was bitching about about shopping at a "grocery" store.

      1. Take home chef shops at Gelson's, Wild Oats and Whole foods. Gelson's is in CA. It looks like a great market.

        WO & WF are here in the Boston area and we shop at both of those stores as well as local farms.

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          Gelson's is awesome, I miss it.

          Henry's (Owned by Wild Oats), Jimbo's, Major Market and Frazier Farms are all incredible grocery stores in the San Diego area (although FF wins for price)

        2. Pike Place Market in Seattle ... I'm always fascinated by it on TV.

          (view 1) ...

          (view 2) ...

          (view 3) ...