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Aug 10, 2007 09:18 PM

Where to dine in Matteson, Il.?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a nice place to dine in Matteson, Il. I've got a doctors appointment there and my wife and I have family watching our three kids. Since our anniversary is the following day we thought we would look for a nice place to eat.

I'm not really looking for any specific cuisine, but would like a place that really prepares the food well. Any suggestions?


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  1. Carlo Lorenzetti's on Rte 30 in Chgo Heights is quality old school Italian. Chef Klaus on LaGrange just north of rte 30 for German.
    Go east into Homewood for Aurelio's Pizza... best in the land.

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      Thanks! I live in I've been enjoying Aurelio's pizza since I was a young kid. But I'll look into the other two as well :)


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        I've had a lot of different kinds of pizza in Chicago, from maybe 20-30 different places. And I think Aurelio's (which I've unfortunately had numerous times) is the absolute WORST, by a considerable margin. I still think it's cardboard, masquerading as pizza.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          You obviously are entitled to your opinion, but I happen to really like Aurelio's thin pizza. My wife's family is from the south suburbs, and the original Aurelio's in Homewood is something of a tradition for her extended family. I suspect this is true for many south suburban families.

          In my experience, the pizza is much better at the original Homewood location than at the franchises in other suburbs, and it does not necessarily travel or "carry out" well. That said, we have ordered carry out from the Naperville location many times, and I have never had pizza that even remotely tastes like cardboard. IMO, Aurelio's thin is superior to the thin crust pizza at many of the big names pizzerias (i.e., Malnati's, Gino's and Giordano's) by a wide margin.

      2. Anyone ever eatin at Courtright's, in Willow Springs?

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          My wife and I ate at Courtright's for our recent wedding anniversary, and we were underwhelmed. It's quite the sedate room, especially early in the week, and all is sophisticated, but neither the menu nor the food was exciting or sublime.

          In a wide compass around Matteson, Flossmoor Station gets rave reviews for its craft beers and grub; Tin Fish on Harlem in Tinley Park cooks fish well, but it's not a restaurant made for lingering; Mr. Benny's is an old-school steakhouse on 191st St. east of LaGrange Road in Mokena; there's a Francesca's in downtown Frankfort a friend really likes; Galway Tribes is a multi-roomed Irish pub near Lincoln-Way East H.S. just east of LaGrange Road in Frankfort whose food I like. For an anniverary dinner, I'd probably go with Francesca's and hope for the best.

          Happy anniversary.

          1. re: Mugs

            My wife and I found the same results @ Courtrights, after some of the high marks it gts from some on this site we gave it a try, and left underwhelmed as well. THe menu sets the bar high, but they were unable to pull it off. The scallops were overcooked, and rubbery, & the filet I had as my main course was nowhere near one of the better ones I have had.

            We have been to Floosmoor Station 3 or 4 times, and find it a good spot for a Saturday lunch. Great beer, and above average food. Decent soups, and sandwiches.

        2. Hi all,

          Thanks for the recommendations! I was surprised to find so many restaurants within a small drive from the area we were in. We decided on two restaurants...Isabella Café and Burgundy Bistro.

          We ended up choosing Isabella Café. When we first walked up we really didn't know what to expect...but this was a cute little place. I normally wouldn't order a lamb shank when out for dinner. I've learned my lesson far too many times with lamb shank and osso bucco not to order this type of entrée when were out (better off just making it at home). But, I ended up getting the roasted lamb shank, on glennpan's recommendation. It was pretty good...I was really surprised. The wifes Halibut was a bit over cooked, but still decent.

          All in was a nice dinner and good food.

          Thanks for all the suggestions!


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            I know it's too late now, but I just wanted to add another rec. for the next time you are out this way.

            Across the street from Flossmoor Station is Fresh Starts, which is a FANTASTIC place. It is where all the local Ladies Who Lunch go to eat. Fantastic salads, sandwiches, soups, and pastas. Very creative, with a wonderful wine list.

            Burgundy Bistro is my dad's favorite restaurant in the world. Might I suggest you try it again when they have their winter menu for the bouillabaisse? If you are there on a Saturday night, keep an eye out for my dad. ;)