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Aug 10, 2007 09:01 PM

Help! What do I serve with my 2001 Phalmeyer Merlot?

I have a 1.5 liter of 2001 Phalmeyer Merlot that I'd like to share with some special friends tomorrow evening for dinner. My dilemma is what to server in order to complement the wine the best. I was originally thinking I'd do grilled steak (Fred's steak for those of you who live in the SF Bay Area) but now I'm wondering if that really would be the right pairing. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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  1. OOOPS - so embarressed at my typo! Meant Pahlmeyer

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    1. re: nutmeg

      Just had the '03 Pahlmeyer (.375) with a grilled American-Kobe in Santa Barbara and it was excellent. Given the diff. between btl. size and vintage, I'd guess that they would be similar. I do not normally find that great a difference, between good years of Pahlmeyer, as with some other producers. I'd plan on decanting your mag. and monitoring its development, prior to serving. Roughly, and I mean VERY roughly, I'd be looking at about 1 hr. in the decanter, but with my finger on the "trigger." Pour yourself a glass and sip it, from time to time. When it's time, go for it.

      Let us know what you go with and how it turns out,

      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Excellent tip... I forgot that I can get American-Kobe Fred's steak! I think that softness in the meat is the added "nugget" I was looking for.

        And thanks for the reminder to decant. I almost forgot about that part...

    2. Reporting back... in the end, i decided that the marinade on the Fred's steak was just going to be too much for the merlot (really called for a zin.) Did duck breasts and dinner was fantastic! I seared the duck then finished in the oven and served it atop orzo with pine nuts, arugula, basil and dried bing cherries. Had some pomegranate juice to top it off. The Pahlmeyer was fantastic and showed its true form! Delish.

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      1. re: nutmeg

        Wow, sounds great. Obviously, my invitation got lost in the mail ! Thanks for reporting back. I'd have been curious at how well, or not, the Merlot worked with the steak. While I am not a big fan of most Merlots (domestic, or imported, with exceptions), I find certain dishes (most beef, chocolate and raspberries) go well with a well-crafted one. That said, with richer beef (like you describe), I usually do go the Zin, or Cab route and save the Merlot for great Kobe burgers, etc.

        Glad it worked