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Aug 10, 2007 08:19 PM

Best Eats on Clement?

My mother in law is in town, and we would like to take her to Clement Street for a "grub crawl." She is originally from Taiwan, and currently lives in Scottsdale, so she doesn't have a chance to eat really good Asian food too often. We have been to the Taiwan Restaurant which was a little disappointing. We ate there right after returning from a trip to Taipei.

Can anyone recommend any good spots to take her for tasty Asian food - if there are other Taiwanese restaurants - that would be a real plus.


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  1. I wouldn't call it the best eats but you stated you were looking for other Taiwanese restaurants and Asian food...There's Taste of Formosa that's one of the few Taiwanese restaurants around and there's Szechuan/Taiwanese fusion at Spices I and Spices II. I also like Panda Country Kitchen which is a Szechuan restaurant on Geary, which is parallel to Clement.

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