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Aug 10, 2007 08:08 PM

Dosa (the Restaurant)

Any recent reports? Does it stand up to the South Bay restaurants? Basically, is it worth driving into the city from the south bay?

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  1. I went to Dosa with some mates of mine a couple of weeks ago. I got the impression that all prices had been raised by at least $2 to $3 per dish. Our total bill for 6 items and 5 beers was around $180. If I am not mistaken, the quantity of food served has gone down. What with the likes of Sarvana Bhavan, Udipi Palace, et al. in the South Bay, I'd say - not worth the drive into the city.

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    1. re: osho

      I agree with Osho about the pricing and quantity of food at Dosa. The taste of the food is OK, and the ambience is nicer than many other Indian restaurants, but I'm not sure I'd drive up to the city to eat at Dosa. In fact, I might not go there a second time even if I am in the area --given the number of wonderful restaurants in the city, there's simply no reason to.
      That said, Dosa is strangely popular with the Gringos!

      1. re: desidish

        Dosa's probably popular partly because of a lack of competion--only a few other places in town make dosas, and I'm not sure of the others are good. Most of the Indian restaurants are Pakistani.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          A question. Where else can you get dosas in the city ?

          1. re: osho

            Maybe at Bombay Curry House.

            Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House makes them but the ones I tried weren't very good (seemed like Pakistani cooks based on which dishes were less bad than others).

            They're on the menu at Muskaan, but it seems like a Pakistani place, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.

        2. re: desidish

          I went to Dosa a couple of months ago. I thought that the food was fine (probably the same as Udipi Palace). It was a user friendly South Indian restaurant for my friends that knew nothing about South Indian cuisine. The servers explained each dish pretty well, and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves. It more about the scene at Dosa as opposed to the food. I don't think that Udipi Palace even with its lower prices(though I didn't think that Dosa was that expensive) would do as well if placed on Valencia street. Unless they planned on serving 22 oz beers, create a room with horrible acoustics and hire some hip multicultural servers.

      2. Ive aalways ordered the curry special - if they have it get the madras catfish curry

        1. I was just there last week and I was really disappointed. It seems to always get great reviews. Roti in West Portal and Indian Oven on Haight&Fillmore is worth more of a trip into the city. I have to say the best dosas, if that's what you're looking for, is at Vik's in Berkeley.

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          1. re: champagne

            Udupi Palace in Berkeley also makes good dosas, and they're open much later than Vik's.

            Vik's Chaat House
            2390 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

            Udupi Palace
            1901 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

          2. I concur with others, not worth the trip. If you want hipster environs with sake cocktails, there are better food options in the neighborhood. If you want South Indian, save the trip! You have so many good choices down there.

            I do go to Dosa occasionally because I can practically walk there (and have) and sometimes I get a craving for idli and uttapam (more so than dosa), or a nice glass of wine with my South Indian flavors. I've never had anything bad there, but it's more a matter of convenience than a destination. If you can go to to Saravana Bhavan or Udupi Palace, well, then have some for me!

            Saravana Bhavan USA
            1305 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

            Udupi Palace
            976 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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            1. re: bernalgirl

              I'm heading to SF in a few weeks and I want to know where the best spot to get a Uttapam with coconut chutney is? =)

              1. re: Syphrite

                This thread pretty much says it all about the South Indian food scene in SF. Other than the upscale Dosa which appears to have okay food (mind you probably some of the most expensive - does NY have a $10 dosa place yet?), Udupi Palace in Berkeley may be your best bet closest to SF. I just went to Vik's yesterday & got a plain dosa & it was okay (go there more for the fun, casual, bang for the buck, warehouse vibe). Coconut chutney purists are not going to like Vik's chutney - a bit liquidy with turmeric.

                South of SF, I would recommend Annapoorna in San Mateo and maybe Tabla in Foster City (haven't been) and of course Saravana Bhavan as noted above. Disclaimer - I almost ALWAYS get rava dosa so I can't vouch for uttapam.


                Considering you are from NY, how badly do you want to eat uttapam

                1. re: ceekskat

                  Haha! The only $10 dosa place I know of is Hampton Chutney, which is not even authentic. Most places hover somewhere between $6 and $8.

                  I don't know, I have been on a uttapam kick lately and they are a tasty, cheap option for lunch. I figure I can save most of my money on breakfast and lunch by getting Thai, Indian or Vietnamese food and then I can splurge on dinner. =)

                  The place in Berkeley sounds good, as long as they have good chutney. It's all about the chutney!

                  1. re: Syphrite

                    Here's a few other SF options

                    Udupi Palace (the Berkeley place) has opened a new place in SF.
                    1007 Valencia St
                    San Francisco, CA 94110
                    (415) 642-3470

                    Hey, looking at the website, there is an Udupi Palace in Jackson Heights, NY

                    1. re: rworange

                      woot! Thanks! I would check out the place in Jackson Heights, but its so far.

                      I'll give the palace a try when I'm in SF and I'll report back with my take on it.

                      I agree with you PSB, dosas are more about the filling. A uttapam is also good plain, but the coconut chutney rounds out the flavor for me. Plus, I just really love coconut anything. =)

                    2. re: Syphrite

                      >It's all about the chutney!
                      hmmm ... i like the chutnies too, but i think with good filling and
                      good ghee, a dosa can stand on its own ... although i'm not a
                      total purist, since i do think it is kinda pointless just to eat/order
                      just the shell [plain dosa].

                      now with papadums/papads [which i dont really like, and hate
                      paying for], it *is* all about the chutney.