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Aug 10, 2007 08:06 PM

Jon's Pizza of Bleecker

Was it my imagination or is a Jon's Pizza of Bleecker (arguably the best pizza in NYC) opening up or already open in Santa Monica on Broadway (I believe)? If so, has anyone been and can comment on how different it is than NYC? I can't imagine it being the same, given that its NY dough & NY water. Its like finding a NY bagel over here in L.A. -- no such thing. Dying to know....

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  1. While I'm more of a Lombardi's / Patsy's (pre-Russian) kind of guy, I'd like to hear more about this. Who's your source? What did you see? Are you going back to confirm?

    Joe B.
    NYC, '94~'01

    P.S. I love NYC tap water, but I believe the "water myth" as it pertains to dough is completely overblown...

    1. I thought that it was going to be Joe's from Bleecker St. in NY opening up in SM?

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      1. If there is a sign that says Jon's, it ain't John's on Bleeker.

        1. Joe's. And it was reported by EaterLA that it would open this week sometime:

          SANTA MONICA: There's pizza, and there's New York-style pizza, and then there's real New York-style pizza. Enter Joe's Pizza, the perennial Top 10 lister, the quintessential NY slice born on Bleecker Street in 1975. It's coming to Broadway and Ocean Avenue this August. Joe Vitale told us he's bringing it to LA because, well, it's needed: He's a little shocked that people (carefully not naming names) are making money off the pizza they sell in this town. But doesn't it take New York water to make real New York pizza? "We'll find out," Joe says. "If it doesn't work, we'll bring the water from New York." Joe's Pizza will open at 111 Broadway (at Ocean Ave.). hopefully around August 15. Could this be the second NY-style pizzeria opening on Ocean Ave. this year? [EaterWire Inbox]

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          1. re: yogachik

            Yogachik -- thank you, thank you , thank you. Once it opens, would love to hear how good it is... Does anyone know what the 1st NY style pizzeria on Ocean is that EaterLa is refrring to?

            1. re: dmunk2000

              The other one is Richies Famous Pizzeria, opening in the old Four Season Cafe location.

            2. re: yogachik

              Here's the link to that story. Look at that pizza picture!

              can't. wait.

              And Richie's, I think, is related to Mulberry Pizza.

              1. re: lesleyb

                In the Richie article, one of my pet peeves about Mulberry Street came up. I hate that there's no beer to go with my pizza. I love the Mulberry Bev Hills space, I'd just like to have beer with my slice. I'm glad, though, there will be a Richie's nee Mulberry Street Pizza close to where I work in Santa Monica since their pie has been my go to pizza.

                1. re: brunello

                  i usually like mulberry when i'm near Rodeo but the last time i had it the pizza was terrible

                  1. re: brunello

                    if you ask me i don't care much for Joe's, greatly prefer a number of pizza's in LA to his; i've walked by it over a million times and never even think of stopping anymore.

              2. You can get NY bagels. Just go to Bagel Nosh on 17th and Wilshire in SM.

                The water thing is a myth.

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                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  i have had nothing close to resembling an ess-a bagel in los angeles.
                  this makes me sad...