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Aug 10, 2007 05:16 PM

Chile Rellanos without cheese?!

For years when we lived in the Bay Area, La Azteca in Redwood City was one of our favorite, dependable Mexican restaurants. So when I was staying very near them recently, I made a point of going for dinner. I looked forward to it all day.

So can you remember ever getting chile rellanos without any cheese? Just a pepper that's battered and fried? I'm not sure what caused the change in quality, but believe me it's just not the same.

I did find a great taqueria to take its place. Sancho's Taqueria. As I had read earlier, their fish tacos are amazing. You can hardly eat more than one and it's only $4. You can get grilled rather than crispy.

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  1. If the menu hasn't changed, it sounds like the place has gone downhill.

    That said, Chile Relleno literally means stuffed pepper in Spanish. I have had many chile rellenos throughout the US and Latin America - many were not battered, many were not stuffed with cheese, many are not poblanos. But they are always always some type of pepper stuffed with something.