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Aug 10, 2007 05:15 PM

Looking for HEALTHY food, DIET restaurant in O.C.

Hi! Since this is my first post, I hope I have it in the right section but here goes nothing ... I know this isn't any serious chowhounds dream post but I am trying to lose a few pounds for an important event. I don't cook - so restaurants are my only option. I just moved to Orange County - where can I get good LOW-CAL, healthy, DIET CONSCIOUS food? Are there any restaurants that have diet platters, list calories on the menu, etc etc? Thanks very very much!

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    1. I always equate vegan for healthy, so here you go:

      No trans fat, soy based options, protein options, and good taste too.

      Or maybe you just want to go for Ruby's Diner for their skinny platter, veggie burger, or vegwich. You can never have enough veggies. Do they still do skinny fries (what an oxymoron)?

        1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

          Second Rutabegorz. Three locations -- Fullerton, Orange and Tustin.

        2. Do you like Chinese? You have to try Fortune Cookie in Los Alamitos. Delicious food and everything on the menu lists its nutritional value. We go there once a week just because we LOVE it -- try the orange peel chicken. Did I mention it was started by a nutritionist?

          1. Eating out for all meals is pretty pricey, so I'm wondering if you might consider food delivery from Susan's Healthy Gourmet Meals... Tasty, convenient, and healthy.

            Flossie's Healthy Home cooking

            Finbar's is very accommodating if you tell them you're looking for light fare


            Fisherman's Outlet

            Cheap-- The Flame Broiler

            If you're looking for vegetarian (not all of it is healthy or low cal per se), try Zov's Bistro, Avanti Cafe or Native Foods.