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Aug 10, 2007 05:15 PM

taste of the danforth

hi everyone!!
the taste of the danforth weekend is here. where are our must-go's, and where are our must-avoids??

let's list them so to navigate efficiently through the crowds..!!!
thanks a bunch. ;)

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  1. Hey jenn,

    There aren't any must go's. There isn't any efficient navigation unless the rains pour down. The crowds are insane. The foods are limited and inferior. The prices have been inflated for years. It isn't fun. Search the boards. My favourites have been Avli, Ouzeri, and Zorba's (and Allen's for burgers). No place is consistent any more. All will be better and cheaper next week.

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    1. re: embee

      That goes double for me.

      Since when did all Danforth Greek restaurants start to think that they could charge like Michelin 3 stars??? The true taste of the Danforth is the taste of the money in your wallets.

      Find any hole in the wall Greek restaurant anywhere else in the city and you'll likely be pleased. It's not hard to cook Greek.

    2. The skewer of grilled octopus ($4) at Ocean's Treasures fish market, next to Greek House Market, was delicious last night. Dipped in olive oil and lemon, with a slice of very fresh bread. The serving of grilled cuttlefish ( 5 medium sized cuttlefish for $4) was generous, but I wish my cuttlefish were little more charred. Didn't try anything else.

        1. Couldn't agree more with embee. Head to this area when it's civilized and you can get a real sense of what the eateries are all about. Huge crowds, inflated prices and assembly line food is not a true reflection of what many Greektown restaurants offer.