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Aug 10, 2007 04:26 PM

Arancini ---is it on any Italian menus in the area?

Looking to try Arancini. Does anyone know of an italian restaurant that has them on the menu?

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  1. Just noticed in another post that it's served at the new Locanda on Capitol Hill.

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    1. re: CMACDC

      I've tried the arancini at Locanda - it's got small, fresh pieces of yellow squash. Nicely fried, not too greasy. I believe there were three golf-ball sized pieces to an order.

    2. 2 Amys always has suppli (similar to arancini) on their menu.

      Two Amys
      3715 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20016

      1. I've been racking my brain because I knew I had seen it on a few menus lately and then I checked out the PS7 lounge menu. I haven't tried it there before but it sounds really good. Nice excuse to check out a really good restaurant.

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        1. Been watching Montalbano? Some Italian restaurant should do a meal based on Montalbano stories.

          The suppli at Two Amy's mentioned below are all I've had in the area. They are a bit heavier than they should be, but they are a reasonable facilime.

          1. Lia's in Friendship Heights often has it on the menu. I often find that a salad and appetizer there makes a perfect meal.