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Aug 10, 2007 03:55 PM

lunetta, cafe luluc or apt 138 for brunch?

(saving frankies and chestnut for dinner or another day)

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  1. lunetta is a far better restaurant than the other two, though I havent had brunch there yet.

    apt 138 has had rather nice blueberry stuffed french toast in the past, but they dont always have it and the service can be terrible.

    i had only one (lunch) visit to luluc and it was comically bad, though I know there are some on this board who like it.

    1. I think Apt 138 is pretty uneven. I have always had good experiences at Cafe LuLuc. I've been there many times for both brunch and dinner and the service can be a little slow but the food has always been good and it's inexpensive. At brunch, the pancakes are great and I really like the chicken sandwich with arugula, avocado and asiago cheese.

      1. my favorite brunch in the neighborhood is in the garden at patois. the garden is gorgeous, and the duck confit is fabulous. plus unlimited mimosas!

        1. Cafe leLuc has fantastic brunch, especially the eggs benedict.