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Aug 10, 2007 03:46 PM

Decent cracker recipes

I about fell over when I went to the store yesterday and a box of Triscuts was $3. My favorite crackers are Dr. Kraker seeded spelt and they are $5 for a small box (I can't eat wheat).

So i'm ready to dive into making crackers. So far the only ones I have found and tried to make were awful. They tasted and had the texture of dried out pie crust. They also were non yeast cracker recipes.

Does anyone have tips on making really good crackers or leads to some really good recipes?

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  1. Roll out any bread recipe, you trust out as thin as you can get it.If you want to get elaborate you can add seeds, seasonings and salt, or use a pasta maker. Brush with oil, then bake in preheated 425 oven til done/. Sorry to be so vague but thats how I have made them.

    You can also make good cheap non wheat crackers out of fresh corn tortillas. Cut them up. Spread out on baking sheet bake in 350 oven til they are firm, They will crisp up when they are removed from the oven.