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Aug 10, 2007 03:31 PM

Raleigh/Durham/CH Suggestions Needed for BDay Dinner

I get the choose the restaurant for my birthday dinner, and I'm kind of at a loss as to where to go - I'm tired of the old standards so I need some suggestions.

I'm tired of Lantern, Elaine's, FourSquare, and Magnolia Grill. I've eaten at Piedmont and Rue Cler pretty recently. I also just ate at J. Betskis (LOVED, highly recommend), so it seems too soon to hit it up again.

So, here's the list I've come up with as potential dinner spots:

Nana's or Provence- I haven't eaten at either in over a year - any recent experiences?
Bonne Soiree, Bin 54, Jujube - Never eaten at these

Anywhere else that I should think about? Where would you eat faced with these restraints?

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  1. i could eat at nanas everyday. i havent been there in about 6 mos though, although it would shock me to find that it had slipped AT ALL since then.

    1. I love Bin 54, and I'm not even a red meat eater (but my husband, who is, also loves it). Bonne Soiree just got listed as one of the best restaurants in the US in Bon Appetite, which might make it hard to get into (and that aside, while I liked the food, i found the atmosphere fairly stuffy). Jujube is great and much lower key than either of these.

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        Metro 8
        Blu Seafood

        Both on or near 9th Street


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          I have Tonali on my regular to try list - with the mixed reviews and comments about interior, I think it would be a miss for a special dinner.

      2. Of the ones you mentioned, and I must say I don't think your list should be limited to these, but of the ones you mentioned, I'd pick Bonne Soiree in a heartbeat. Lovely atmosphere, nice owner/hostess. I recommend the wine-tasting to go with your meal, it allows your owner/hostess to interact with you in a very nice way.

        The food is great, the atmosphere is semi-formal without being stuffy at all (imho), and voila, you had a great time....

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          What do you suggest outside of the list?

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          1. I'm so glad to hear that Provence hasn't changed. The description you gave are the reasons that I've kept going back to it over the years; I just haven't been in a while due to a baby in the family now.

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