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Aug 10, 2007 03:30 PM

Baltimore Italian

Am going to Baltimore this weekend for Red Sox-O's. What are some good Italian restaurants in the Little Italy section of town?

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  1. Sabatinos is an institution. Go after the game.

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      Thanks. Looked at the menu on their website. Looks good.

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        just an FYI...their pastas (Baked Rigatoni in meatsauce is my favorite) are better than their meat type entrees (ie..chicken parm) IMO. You can order half portions - a good size still. The bookmaker salad is a trademark there - great dressing!

    2. Also check out Viccaro's, which sells desserts--and lots of them! It's in the Little Italy section. If there is a wait, definitely stay, because it's worth it!

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        That would be spelled "Vaccaro's",

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          Germano's is very good, and Chiparelli's (all yours, spell-checkers!) is an old famous standby, but I haven't been there in years and can't comment on its recent quality.

          However, many native Baltimoreans will tell you, there is really only one Italian Restaurant in Bmore, and that is Sabatinos.

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            I'm not crazy about either Chiaparelli's or Sabatino's, but they certainly both have a following.

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              Most native B'moreans who know anything about food will tell you that Sabs, along with Chiapparelli's are tourist traps that are waaaaay overpriced for the quality of food.

              The Italian in B'more is not nearly as good as the Italian in Boston or NYC, so be ready for that. I'd go to Germano's or La Scala if I have to go anywhere in Little Italy. My next choice would be Rocco's Capriccio's.

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                Most, but not all "native Baltimoreans who know anything about food." I can't recommend Chiaparelli's, it's true, mainly for service issues, which is sad, because the salad is quite satifsying. Not gourmet by any standards, but sharp, cheesey and yummy. Luckily, Sabatino's, which I can and will recommend, has a salad that is a decent substitute. My qualifier for Sabatino's that again, it's not high end, delicate or thoughtful food. It's heavy, filling, comforting and often delicious food. Go expecting italian american grandma "you're too skinny!" food, and you'll leave happy.

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                I had dinner last night at Germano's followed by dessert at Vaccaro's. Germano's was extremely disappointing.

                The food was lackluster, at best. I started with a minestrone soup, of which I literally ate two spoonfuls and pushed aside. It was unlike any other minestrone soup I've been served - it was extremely bland with only celery, carrots, and potato and it was so oily that the entire surface was covered with pools of oil.

                For entrees, we ordered the gnocchi with tomato sauce, cheese ravioli (a daily special), tagliatella al sugo di carne, and chicken parmigiana. My gnocchi was barely lukewarm. And even though my gnocchi wasn't hot, my friend's chicken parmigiana was not ready when my gnocchi and the other dishes came out. It took another two minutes for the chicken to make it out. None of us thought that our food tasted bad, but none of us were impressed by any of the entrees.

                The service was below par - not rude, thankfully - but very slow and not very customer-service oriented. It took quite some time for drink orders to be taken and filled/refilled. Salads ordered without dressing were served already dressed. The wrong dressings were served on the side. And when the server picked up my very full bowl of soup, she did not even ask if it was okay.

                To their credit, we spoke with the manager after the meal regarding our service and some other restaurant issues, and he was very apologetic and comped two of our meals.

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                Apologize for the misspelling, but judging from the fact that there is only one place in Little Italy that resembles the spelling, I'm sure the visitor would have found it nevertheless. Even a misspelled google search with the word Baltimore added still leads you to their information.

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                  I didn't correct the misspelling to make fun of you, I corrected it to make it easier for the original poster (and others) to find the place you were talking about. If I spell a place's name wrong, I hope someone else will correct my spelling as well.

                  Please don't take it personally.

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                I just shared the most phenomenal desserts with 3 friends at Vaccaro's. The service was friendly, the atmosphere loud and unassuming, and the food and coffee fabulous!

                We shared a Sampler plate - which included cannolis (I especially loved the one with chocolate filling), butter cookies, cream puffs, and almond cookies - and we also shared some kind of dreamy mocha ice cream cake set on godiva liquer and some other strawberry dream cake.

                Our stop here was a perfect end to our evening!

              5. It has been awhile since I have been there, but I have had quite good food at La Tavola in Little Italy.

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                  We were there for lunch last week and were a bit disappointed. Good food but expensive for lunch - $16.00 for only about 6 Agnolotti pockets. Usually when I pay that much, I think there will be enough for left overs and there wasn't. And this didn't include a salad, which is why I do like Chipparelli's better. Prices include the salad. The lasagna was also small and quite pricey ($19.00).

                  I didn't realize until I just looked that we were given the dinner menu prices even though we were there at 3:00 and they say lunch goes until 4:00. I should have known something was up. This is another strike against them.

                2. I enjoy Amicci's. They have very good food and they are reasonably priced. They recently won some kind of "Cheap Eats" award in Baltimore. If you are looking for very high-end fine dining I hear that Aldo's is suppose to be the king of them all - they're also rated the highest for food in Zagat for Little Italy Italian places, but bring lots of money!

                  1. I've been to quite a few of the restaurants in Little Italy, from the cheap eats Amicci's to the fanciest DaMimmo, and my go-to restaurant for southern Italian is La Scala, northern Boccaccio's, and for late night gnocchi - Sabatino's