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Aug 10, 2007 03:05 PM

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza in Austin?

Okay, I've tried Mangia and love their thin crust, but the deep dish (stuffed?) doesn't suit my tastes. There seem to be a number of "NY" style pizzas around, but not so many Chicago style. Anyone know of any?

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  1. Your best bet is Conan's. Three locations - W 29th near Guadalupe, Stassney & Manchaca, and W Anderson near Northcross.

    It seems pretty common for Chicagoans to complain about the inauthenticity of both Mangia and Conan's. I've never had the real thing and can't pass that judgment, but I will say that the Savage at Conan's does hit the spot for me.

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      What's funny is that Chicago style pizza was invented by a Texan and former UT football player - Ike Sewell, founder of Uno Pizzeria in Chicago.

      1. re: achtungpv

        According to wiki former Austinite Ike Sewell opened Uno's but apparently did not "invent" the CS deep dish pizza pie; recipe came from Uno's original chef, a native Chicogoan, if I'm not mistaken.

        In any case, having eaten the real deal, I don't think anything here comes close either; and p.s. if you order the savage at conans bring your tums. Its one of those everything but the kitchen sink pies.

      2. re: mkwng

        You can't. We've tried everywhere and have given up. Austin sucks when it comes to Chicago-style anything. Make your own and save yourself the heartache.

        1. re: davecinatl

          Just curious...besides Chicago style pizza and hot dogs, what else is there food-wise? How bout the Chicago Dawg from Sonic? I actually like a good chi-town dog....there used to be a street vendor near the original Alamo Drafthouse that made a good one. Reminded me of Chicago. I was only kind of joking about Sonic......if I'm forced to go there, then I order that dog. The weiner is incredibly salty in all of their dogs, however.

          The problem, for me, with Conan's, is that they put the cheese on the top. When the pizza looks done based on visual (the browned cheese), they pull it from the oven. Every time that I have had it, the crust is undercooked. The lunch buffet special only exacerbates this problem, as they are either taking pizza out even sooner to keep up with the crowd or it sits there for a while waiting for customers.

          Anyhow, I haven't found a good Chi-style deep pan in Austin, but maybe someone is doing it somewhere these days. I cannot stand uncooked dough in pizzas, pancakes, or anything. I can't stand cookie dough ice cream.

          As I've said before, and got nothing but crickets each time, I do like the thin white crust pizza from Conan's on Anderson: pepperoni and double onions, cooked a but crisp, and "enough sauce" but not "extra sauce." This pizza is tied with Little Deli for "the best normal pizza excluding fancy wood fired oven type pizza." Backspace wins the latter for me.

          This might seem like another joke, but the personal pan pizzas at pizza hut were actually palatable to me at one time. They are small enough for the crust to get cooked, and if ordered in an actual restaurant (not Target or an Airport), they have a crispy, buttery bottom.

          This is a rambling post - I might flag it myself just for mentioning pizza hut. I cannot tell a lie.

          1. re: rudeboy

            Rudeboy, get thee to Bufalina. Beats Backspace by a mile, unless the latter has upped their game significantly (which they may have done; I haven't been in a while). Remarkably consistent pies made with the freshest ingredients (mozz made in house, meats from Salt & Time, etc.)

            1. re: rudeboy

              Rudeboy, you're certainly not the only one that has looked both ways before devouring a personal pan pizza with a huge grin.

                1. re: amysuehere

                  Glad to know I'm not the only one! @storefront: I found the loc and looked at the menu for Bufalina. Can't tell what the pizza size is - maybe 14 inch at those prices? We're hijacking this thread.

                  So, besides our beloved and secret Pizza Hut personal, is there no deep dish pizza in austin that's edible?

              1. re: rudeboy

                "what else is there food-wise? "
                Well, don't forget the neon green hot dog relish, though technically it is a subset of the chicago hot dog.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Austin has plenty of joints making decent NY style pies but I've found nothing in Austin even remotely resembling a Chicago-style pizza--not even a freaking Uno's. The closest Chicago-style pie I know of is a 3 hour drive away: a Star Pizza deep dish pie in Houston.

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              1. re: hedonisticheretic

                Has anyone tried the Chicago Style Pizza at the Pizza and Wing Pfactory in Pflugerville?

                1. re: hedonisticheretic

                  Oh Star Pizza, how I miss you! I was in Houston few months ago and had the chance to eat there. The Joe's and the Marilyn's (not deep dish, a regular pie) were as good as I remembered.

                2. Have you tried Via 313? Great deep dish pizza, albeit Detroit style. No better pizza in Austin or quite possibly the world, in my opinion, though I haven't been to Bufalina yet.

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                  1. re: ridgeback

                    I absolutely love the Detroiter at Via 313. Not chicago style but thick crust. Cheese, pepperoni, wonderful. Very good detroit style pies. It's much better than but reminds me well of eating square "red top" sicilian slices at Noble Romans in southern Indiana as a kid.

                    1. re: slowcoooked

                      I agree Via 313 is wonderful. I eat at the east 6th locaiton all the time. They have a new trailer attached to a beer pub on Rainey but I haven't been.

                      The E6th location is in front of Violet Crown bar. You can sit inside the Velvet or on their nice patio and the nice pizza people will bring your pie to your table. I prefer the 4 cheese because the amazing cheese carmelization and decadence really stand out. Here's a review that convinced me to go.

                      1. re: ridgeback

                        +1 on the Detroiter. So damn good. I might even say that I'd put it in my personal top 5 fave pizzas... gotta include a deep dish option in there, after all.

                  2. Having grown up in Chicago and eaten pizza for all my misspent youth, I do not recall myself or any of my freinds eating "Chicago Style" ddep dish pizza. Just sayin'

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                    1. re: ericthered

                      Maybe I was too far away at Purdue for several years, but the many times we went to Chicago, we'd get what we thought was considered Chicago Deep dish pizzas at Gino's East, Giordano's, and Piquod's. They all looked approximately like this one, a pic taken at Piquod's. Like Detroit pies, sauce above the cheese. I don't know who is doing anything remotely similar and as good as Piquods than Via 313 in this town. Certainly to my tastes not MANGIA.