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Aug 10, 2007 02:49 PM

Wine in Reston???

Does anyone know of any wine bars/lounges or places with good wine lists (by the glass) in Reston? Looking to catch up wiht friends over a couple good glasses of wine.

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  1. I know El Manantial had a sizeable selection that they were showcasing. I don't think I ever ordered wine there, and I now haven't been in about a year, but friends went recently and said the food was still good.

    You also might find a few European choices hard to find elsewhere at Euro Bistro. I usually go for beer there, and they definitely have some nice treats there with regularity.

    1. Paulos in Reston Town Center has a decent wine list and good bar ambiance. Also Market Street - restaurant in the Hyatt.

      1. El Manantial is very good. The wine selection has a lot of Riojas which are so underated.

        The best wine list in Reston would be at M&S Grill and of course Mortons. Paulos and Clydes are roughly the same. Market Street is nice in that it has jazz and has no smoking.