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Aug 10, 2007 02:36 PM

Yakima area eats and finds?

I am headed to a teacher conference in the area. I will be there three days- mon-wed of next week. I live in Seattle and would love some suggestion on places I must go in the Yakima vicinity- all price points are welcome. What are local favorites? Is there a food I must try? Anything I should know? I need suggestions! I don't want to have to walk to the olive garden by my hotel~ :) Thanks!

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  1. It's been a few months since we've been there, but there isn't much to know.

    Your best bet is to do a Yakima search. There have been recent posts.

    1. Natalie, many people think Yakima is not very chow worthy, but we always do fine when we are there. I like the Waffle Cafe for breakfast. Other places that have been mentioned are Birchfield Manor, Gasparetti's, Cafe Melange, Barrell Cafe, and Greystone. Have fun at the conference.

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        I lived the first 18 years of my life in Yakima and never even heard of this "Waffle Cafe" but it has been mentioned in the past two Yakima posts! Anyway I agree that the 5 restaurants you listed are the only decent places in the city. For breakfast I would say go to 901 Pasta though. They have some tasty quiche.

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          It's down on 1st Ave towards where the old Red Lion hotel (now a Clarion I think) used to be. Gasperetti's is nearby too if that's a landmark that would help you! I second 901 pasta...I used to love their ham and cheese croissants! Mmmmmm....
          However, as far as baked goods go, Essencia is the place to go. Absolutely delicious.

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          Thanks! I did a little research after I posted and come up with relatively the same restaurants. I also found essenscia for bakery goods.

        3. Two words: taco trucks.

          1. We were in Yakima last week on Sunday night and had dinner at the Depot. The food was okay, I enjoyed the seafood chowder and the steaks served to our group were done as ordered with a pretty sweet sauce. Dessert was good. The really charming part was our waitress who was very helpful about which wineries to visit. We had a great Malbec by Sagelands and Vivacious Vicky White from a winery in Kiona. We stayed at the Hilton Garden and walked there. There were several that were recommended, but the only one open was the Depot.

            1. Thanks for all the help. I ended up getting invited to dine with colleagues the first night and their pick was Santiago's. The wait was nonexistent and we were seated promptly. I truly enjoyed the shrimp enchiladas I ordered, someone had suggested them and I am glad I took their advice, they were well matched to herbs and spices and mounded on top of the enchiladas. There was a lot of cheese though and I found myself pushing it aside as to get to the other part of the meal. Also, the salsa had a very fresh tomato and herb taste to it- delightful- I have not had such quality over in Seattle. Our food took over an hour to get to us and the waiter, though flustered and nonexistent most of the time, was nice. It was a little irritating but there really seemed to be no one else serving and they were slammed. The next day I was able to browse and stopped into essescia and purchased a deliciously perfect molasses cookie for my walk promising myself that I would go back for a slice of the itailan butter cream raspberry cake- lovely to look at. I found a tasting room, donitelia, by the Hilton Garden that specialised in using sangiovese grapes in many different ways. I left after trying about 7 wines, some that were not available for purchase yet, and a bottle of their rosary red. I made some new friends while I tasted and also got recommendations. I was so full from my wine tasting and bakery delights that I decided to try Miner's(a must do I have heard- kin do of like dick's in Seattle) for the night and get that slice of cake as my dessert to eat out by the river in the wonderful surroundings. The big miner burger is just that- Big! If I would have known the girth I would not have gotten fries(which can come with fry sauce a taste I miss from my Idaho travels). The burger had large fresh slices of tomato and thin slices lettuce- plus just enough sauce and a bun that reminded me of those on BK's whopper- it was perfectly suited. The cake slice was a treat and as anticipated worth the take home and wait- creamy and smooth- flavorful but not overpowering- a nice combination with the raspberries. Due to being called home I did not get to try and of the other suggestions that I was anticipating but now know that I will absolutely return to Essescia and my dear tasting room whenever in the area. I have done the big miner and that I do not have to do it again. On my next trip I would love to go to Cafe Melange to try the smoked salmon ravioli and to Greystone for a dinner. Birchfield Manor I found was only open certain days and would be a must also if the timing is right. Thanks again for the help! Yakima's weather was a treat and the area had some great offerings- including the scenery, the wine, and even the food*