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Aug 10, 2007 02:17 PM

best pizza in DC?

hey guys i've never ordered pizza in DC before and i'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions? thanks.

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  1. There have been several long threads on this very topic. If you search the site you should find lots of opinions.

    1. Yeah, you might want to refine that request a little. There have been a lot of DC pizza threads, like best NY-style, best by-the-slice, best deep-dish, best whatever. You'll also see specific threads on Pizza Paradiso, 2 Amys, and others. Do a search first and come back to read some general answers.....

      1. This si Chowhounds Standard Discussion #132. Predictable answers (approximately in order) are:

        2 Amys
        Pizza Paradisio
        Z-Pizza has a good slice
        There is no good New York style pizza in DC. You have to go to New York
        Better go to AV before they close (if they haven't already). The white pizza is great
        The best NY style pizza is from The Italian Store
        (some local joint nobody more than four blocks away has ever heard of)
        The Italian Store, but you have to ask for it well cooked and with less cheese
        2 Amys

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        1. re: MikeR

          That's an excellent executive summary of the last thread on this topic, from just a few months ago:

          (however, you forgot about Vace).

          1. re: MikeR

            You left out that Chowhounders routinely hate Ledo's, although many native Washingtonians regard it as the only real DC (suburban Maryland, actually) pizza. I have several friend in distant places who head to Ledo's immediately upon their return to DC.

            1. re: Mister Big

              Yes - great exec summary from MikeR. One addendum to his post is that AV is now closed - so that's dropped from the eternal discussion, and Ledo's has the qualifier that you have to go to the original one outside College Park.

            2. re: MikeR

              AV has been closed for quite some time.


              The white pizza at Bistro Italiano is an okay substitute, but they don't use the Fontina that AV used.

              Bistro Italiano
              320 D St Ne, Washington, DC

            3. Ive been looking for good pizza in DC for a long time favorite is Pizza Italy 635 florida ave nw. They deliver, and the pizza is great...knocks the snot out of matchbox

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              1. re: dreto

                My favorites are 2 Amys and Albertos. Very different types of pies, but both delicious.