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Aug 10, 2007 01:57 PM

Wine to Pair with Moroccan food?

Going for Moroccan tomorrow. We finally found a place that won't wave belly dancers at us. Not that I don't like belly dancers-my husband likes them too. Sometimes we just want a meal without a show.

Anyhoo, what should I bring?
Also, any Moroccan wines worth getting? They have a few on the menu (a very short and boring wine list, otherwise.)

We're planning on a little hummous, eggplant, cous cous, lamb and maybe merguez or something.

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  1. A good but simple rosé, served cold...nm

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    1. re: fauchon

      That would be my pick as well. I've particularly like roses from Provence with Moroccan food.

      1. re: carswell

        That first link was perfect. It seems a kabinett or a light Red..or a rose. What about a sav. Blank?

      2. A German or Austrian Riesling for white.

        A brighter fruit New World Pinot for red.

        1. There should be a law against not bringing a nice riesling to a "tipico" Moroccan meal. Kabinett or Spatlese are first choices if you can only bring one bottle.

          In reds I liked both a zinfandel and shiraz with a recent meal, seemed to match almost every dish. Two bottles of pinot (aged red burgundy) fell flat, however... go with the spicier zin or syrah.

          At a nearby table I saw a couple splitting a BYOB of Silver Oak Cabernet... great wine but such a mis-match for a Moroccan meal, IMO.

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          1. re: Chicago Mike

            > however... go with the spicier zin or syrah.

            Agreed 100%.

          2. I should have listened. I dared have a moroccan red, it was AWFUL! My husband didn't want to bring the Kabinett I had chosen, as he wanted to try moroccan beer, which he said "wasn't as bad as I thought it would be"

            The food was spectacular, though.

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            1. re: Diana

              Which Moroccan red was it? Don't tar them all with the same brush. While there are no great North African reds that I'm aware of, there are some good ones. Lots of bad ones too.

              1. re: carswell

                it was from "Les Celliers de Meknes", and was a roughe.

                It was pretty darn bad.

                I Imagine there are lots better out there.