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Aug 10, 2007 01:56 PM

Denver- Breakfast Burritos

My heart was broken today. I got up early and made the long drive from SE Denver back up to old stomping grounds in N Denver to pick up a big order of Breakfast Burritos from Sophia's on 72nd and Federal. I simply can't find any thing down south that compares. I pull around the corner on 72nd and... OMG.. the horror! Sophia's is closed and has been re-opened as "Mia's". I say a prayer to Saint Pasilla (patron protector of spicy foods) and go inside.. hoping that the recipes stayed in the kitchen but the ownership changed. It wasn't to be. We now have big wads of scrambled eggs.. a little chile.. sparse potatoes.. light cheese... flavorless tortilla. Not inedible.. and probably healthier... but definitely not worth a long drive!

Now granted, everyone has a different opinion about what makes a breakfast burro great. So I'll lay out mine: gravy-based new mexican green chile that is decidedly spicy. eggs that are integrated and not just "dry scrambled eggs wrapped in a tortilla". No skimping on the cheese. Not smothered but hand-held (even if a little sloppy). Crispy chorizo or bacon a plus but not necessary. A pronounced taste of onion or tomato is a definite minus.

I like the green chile at Santiago's so perhaps there's hope that they do a good breakfast burrito. Viva Burrito makes good mexican food but not New mexican food- ie: no green chile. El Chubby's Hampden and El Chubby's Aurora make good greasy burritos but 1) eggs too dry 2) chorizo TOO greasy 3) not enough cheese 4) not enough chilies in their chile!

Who knows where else I should try?? I feel like I've had a death in the family!!

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  1. I like Santiago's breakfast burritos, though sometimes they don't have much meat. I also enjoyed one I had at La Abeja on Colfax, near the Capitol.

    1. Pete's Kitchen and Sam's #3 make AWESOME bfast burritos! Little Annie's (I think that's the name - Colorado Blvd and I-25) are great too...they are take and go while the others are smothered and cheesy.

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      1. re: Heyteacher

        I still have visions of a breakfast burrito I had in Denver almost a decade ago. I'm pretty sure it was at Pete's.

        I'm going to be back in Denver soon, and staying right around the corner from Sam's #3. Are Pete's and Sam's pretty similar? I'm willing to trek over to Pete's if it is better...

        1. re: menuinprogress

          Okay.. we're helping YOU now instead of me!! <smile>

          Sam's and Pete's are very similar in that they are Greek immigrant diners. Sam's is larger and I have much more experience there (they have cocktails!) but have liked all my experiences at both Pete's (are there more than 2?). Sam's is awesome and they do nearly everything well in a diner-sort of way. Their chile is very good and they'd do an ideal breakfast burrito if they made a hand-held instead of smothered and if they did hash-browns instead of home-fries. There is a second Sam's downtown on... I want to say 15th?

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            I would take Petes over Sams any day...the Sams downtown is great but the one in Aurora is awful and I thinkit says something when continuity is not to be recognized plus Petes and I have a lot of fond memories so perhaps it is my bias talking

            1. re: dodgerfoodie

              I actually LOVE the Sam's in Aurora. It's a dive but it is really great food and the service is good as well. I do love Pete's but I don't think I would go there other than after a late night out. Breakfast, lunch or dinner...Sam's is one of my favorites in the metro area.

            2. re: menuinprogress

              Just got back from my trip to Denver. The breakfast burrito at Sam's #3 was all I hoped it would be.

              Pictures here:


            3. re: Heyteacher

              Annies fav place for Sunday brunch and a little nostalgia

            4. illlgeal pete's or Manny's underground...both in LODO

              1. I just moved here, but my SO is a breakfast burrito fanatic. He confirms your hope that Santiago's version is good. Quote: "It's small, hand-held, comes in mild, 1/2-and-1/2, and hot; definitely got hot. And get two, not just one."
                Other recs from him: from your descrip, you'd like a burrito cart on 16th & Cali; it has a blue umbrella and it's there every day. The chorizo version has too much chorizo, but the green chile version is good. Also Senor Burrito's; though they're big, the egg-potato-green chile burrito is worthwhile. Also the original Chubby's on 38th makes one with eggs, potato, bacon and HOT green chile he likes a lot.

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                1. re: tatamagouche

                  Now that's quality g2! thank you a ton. As per usual- NONE of these places exist down south! :-) I may just have to figure out a great GC recipe and go into business my own self!

                  ps- I used to live by the original Chubby's and their food is worthy of the reputation. Good and greasy tex-mex. I simply never had their Breakfast Burro. Have your SO stop next door at Carbone's and pick up a sausage sammy. They make their own sausage and it's heavenly. If you're lucky, Rose will serve you and make snide wisecracks about her husband. "And this guy.. shhhhuhhh... what'reyagonnado... I said my vows..."

                  1. re: tatamagouche

                    Quick followup- we have adopted Chubby's as our stop for mass quantities of Sunday breakfast burritos (as they are one of the few places open early Sunday and will do a special order). Overall very pleased; slightly greasier and saltier than we would like but close enough to keep everyone happy.

                    will post a full Breakfast Burrito "survey" once I try a half dozen more.