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Aug 10, 2007 01:44 PM

Swenson's Drive-In (NE Ohio)

I am 3 months pregnant and craving exactly this meal: a Swenson's cheeseburger, fries and a redpop. With a chocolate shake for later.

Here's the problem--I live in Detroit. And none of my Ohio family is coming to visit nor do we have any trips planned for the foreseeable future (my aunt and uncle used to bring my Galley Boy-loving brother a sack of them when they'd come up for visits). I doubt they deliver (especially out of state), huh? If any of you are looking for an exucse to indulge, have one for me....

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  1. what makes them great? are they handmade, top quality beef? sliders? toppings - grilled onions, saute musherooms? great bun? nostalgia?

    and where in ohio? cleveland, yougstown, etc? how many stores?

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      Swenson's is located in the Akron-Canton area, with one location in Seven Hills in Cuyahoga County. I live in Akron-Canton and have yet to try Swenson's, although I hear they have excellent burgers.

      1. re: calover123

        Johnny Apple, the famous journalist and later food critic for the New York Times, said that Swenson's had the best cheeseburgers in the country. He was from Akron so make of that what you will. I've never had one myself but they sound appealing. The next time that I find myself in Akron I think I'll give them a try. They grind their meat fresh daily and bake their own buns. The unusual buttery taste of the buns is butter. They claim to use a secret combination of quality cuts of beef so you'll have to bribe someone who works there for any more information about that.

        Swenson's Drive-In Restaurant
        18 S Hawkins Ave, Akron, OH 44313

      2. re: xman887

        I highly doubt they are top quality beef, just good and greasy and there is an unsual buttery taste to the bun I have never found anywhere else. The Galley Boy has BBQ sauce and I think some kind of onion on it--I am a minimalist when it comes to burgers so I can't speak to any toppings. Fries are thick-cut and fresh. And the shakes are like real malts. Now I am hungry again, darn it!

        (Since you're from my part of the world, Xman--my husband brought me a Big Chief burger from Duggan's and it did the trick, even though they are not similar).

      3. Hang in there - soon you will be pitching french fries to the car seat dweller in the back!

        The burgers are good - sweet and thin. I like cheeseburgers with everything - which is just mustard pickles and onions. The fries are ok as long they didn't recently make a fish sandwich. The hot fudge malteds are divine!

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          so really funny...
          the msn lebron page (pathetic advertising drivel i know but i like lebron for some reason besides simply having been a clevelander) just put up a link to an article touting "lebron's favorite akron restaurant" and i had to know what it was - sure enough there's a picture of swenson's and an article. it would be better if you didn't have to sit through the entry music "video" but...

        2. I was out with friends last night and we decided to stop by Swensons in Montrose for a snack. I had a fish sandwich, she had a Galley-boy and we shared onion rings. I had a choc malt and she got a strawberry shake with fresh berries.

          A PS for those ladies who have been to Swensons before, the car-hop was very easy on the eyes with a great tush :-)