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Aug 10, 2007 01:28 PM

Móle review: best Mexican in the city!

While I've contributed to this board (and should more often), I've never submitted a restaurant review because frankly there are people who are better at it. That said...

My wife and I lived in Texas for 20+ years, spent 3 weeks in the Yucatan and like many people on this board, haven't found the Mexican they were looking for in NYC. We have a couple standbys but nothing we'd steer people to. And now we're going to sound like a couple of Moonies, because if you like Mexican - you must eat at Móle! Nick (the owner) only buys/cooks from whatever is best in the the market.

What a difference that makes - we started out with the guacamole, made table-side (for us bar-side) which was a nice touch. The avocado was so fresh it almost fell apart under the attention of our waiter. We can't stand the toothpaste style guacamole presented in so many substandard Mexican places. Lets just say the guacamole, was fantastic and leave it at that.

Because at Móle there is one problem - the sauces are so delicious (and you may well get some complimentary) you may find it difficult to finish you entradas. One stellar example was the lime-ancho chile sauce that we had along with their salsa. Both were complex enough to keep you thinking, thick enough to keep you happy and abundant enough to cause difficulty with your next course.

I had the Guajillo Sauce Braised Rabbit in Parchment, while my wife had her "litmus test" for Mexican, Enchiladas with Green Salsa. ...And my Rabbit probably made it into the top 10 meals I've had in my life. Such complexity in the Guajillo Sauce: deep smoked chile notes, cinnamon, tomatoes, orange? cumin? and the rabbit was just falling off the bone. And my wife refused to share her Enchiladas with Green Salsa as it was the best she ever had. I'll assume it was good then. We talked for a bit with Nick and he was very friendly. What else do you need - go already!

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  1. Thanks for the review! As a Californian, I am always looking for the elusive good Mexican food in NYC and may have to check this place out.

    By the way, since you spent time in the Yucatan, skip Papatzul on West Broadway. It was not remarkable.

    1. I just went to Mole (open 3 months) and had the guacamole made tableside. It was delicious. I had a chicken tamale and a salad with ancho crusted goat cheese. Also, Mole is still BYOB. It's a tiny place 25 seats and the bar. They own another restaurant uptown on 2nd & 89th. I don't generally enjoy the Mexican food in NYC - it doesn't compare with what I've had in San Diego.

      1. Where is this place located? I love Mexican food!

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          This is where Win 49 used to be.

          205 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

          1. re: squid kun

            Allen & E. Houston, near the M15 bus stop. Across the street from Pala (pizza).

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Around how much would one person spend having dinner here? The only good mexican place i know in the city is in fordham road -the bronx- and i live downtown so i am eager to try this place.

              ps- does the name of the rest have an accent, as it appears on the discussion board? it should not.

              1. re: gurmanda

                According to New York Magazine, mains are between $13 and $21. Also, the accent is in the name...I think they're just trying to be weird on purpose.

        2. Another ex-Californian here and yes Mole is really good Mexican. It is the closest thing to the Mexican restaurants I was once knew, except for the premium prices, but hey. I've been all over Manhattan looking for good Mexican, Mole is the best yet. For cheaper Mexican nearby, I like Paquitos in EV.
          Yes, the guacamole is table-side and delicious, $9 for the small. Chips are good, homemade. Salsa, given on request is ok, a little to acidic for my taste. I've had the Carnitas, Chicken Mole Enchiladas, and the Burrito, all of which are very well done.

          Service is friendly but inexperienced, except for the big guy behind the bar. Exerise patience and you will be rewarded with good food. His wife does the cooking and is from Mexico City. Mole is owned by the same owners of TacoTaco uptown, but I have never been.