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Aug 10, 2007 01:28 PM

Brunch in Arlington

looking for brunch suggestions in the arlington, falls church, etc., area. I've done Tallula (and love it) but would like to try something new. Hoping to keep the budget simple, looking for a place where my friend and I can go grab some food and maybe a mimosa to catch up for awhile and chat before going to see a movie -- would like someplace quiet and not too rushed, this is sorta our last hangout before she moves to england.


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  1. I'm a big fan of Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon...relaxed environment and friendly staff.

    1. This may sound a bit weird as most people tend to regard it as a bar more than a restaurant but I suggest that you try the brunch at the Clarendon Grill. What it may lack in atmosphere it makes up for in delicious food at reasonable prices (I think it is the best deals in the area). It is usually pretty quiet and you def. won't be rushed for your table. The best part- $2 Bloody Mary's and Mimosas.

      Some other ideas: I just had a great brunch at the Liberty Tavern. The menu is on the small side but everything my boyfriend and I sampled was wonderful. Also, Ragtime in Courthouse does a really nice buffet brunch and I believe they have live jazz on Sundays.

      Have fun!

      1. Hmm Boulevard Woodgrill is always packed with people, I would think Liberty can get that way too since it is still pretty new although maybe it has died down now.

        Perhaps Carlyle in Shirlington, I think they do brunch, and it would be quieter? It's a chain, but I think they do some nice food. Have never had brunch at Clarendon Grill. We go to Luna Grill a lot in Shirlington, but again it gets pretty busy although it is pretty inexpensive and always good for brunch.

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          Carlyle is great! Everything I've had there is delicious.

        2. The best I've had in the general area is Harry's Taproom. Good omelets and a great muffin/bread basket.

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            I had a great brunch recently at Sette Bello. It was something like $16 and the meal included an alcoholic drink. The breakfast pizza is huge- and great. Also liked the eggs benedict with proscuitto

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              I really love Sette Bello, didn't know they had brunch.