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Aug 10, 2007 01:22 PM

Pig roast in RI?

A friend of mine is thinking about having a pig roast to celebrate her 40th. I heard about someone in Richmond, RI that specializes in just such a thing, but know nothing about it and can't seem to find anything online. Does a 'hound out there have any info?


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  1. Here's a link that I found recently. Please report back if your friend has the pig roast... I'm considering a birthday pig as well.

    1. I think you're referring to a guy that has a place on 138 by Meadowbrook. I can you get the name and number

      1. It's Al & Sam's Custom Barbeque

        539-3445 and 295-5306

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          Thanks, Trnrbrnr! Do you have any experience with these guys?

          1. re: Bivalve88

            None. I don't have any reason to think they're bad, though. I haven't seen their name in the local paper or anything like that.

        2. Do it yourself. Go to Central Meat on Gano St in Providence order a whole pig cut up the middle. (butterfly) I did, it was easy and fun!

          1. Friends of mine did it for a casual wedding reception in June and it was great, They came and cooked (at least finished cooking) the whole pig on site! It was the Golden Pig - I still have the card.... the guy was Chris Lavallee & the numbers are 401-475-8700 \ 401-527-1468

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              Thanks, Trufflebaby! My friend is hosting her own 40th birthday party (she's nuts) but at least is willing to cater the food. I'll pass on the Golden Pig info and also Al&Sam's. Thanks, guys!