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Aug 10, 2007 12:59 PM

Taqueria Chihuahua on Lincoln

Hi all--

Sorry if this is already talked about, however I noticed yesterday that Taqueria is opening on Lincooln just south of Pico. I was a die-hard diner when they were on Olympic and 20th and have been disappointed with their new location...not enough seating, they don't serve beer anymore, and the food quality didn't seem to survive the move. Here's hoping the new location can help save them.

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  1. This is potentially encouraging news, with one caveat:

    My understanding is that the one on Venice Blvd. was opened by a relative of the owner of the original on Olympic, hence the difference in menu and food quality. It's just not the same food. Worse yet, it's not even good.

    Hopefully the new one will be headed by the old owner who will bring back the original menu. I sure miss those nachos, crispy tacos, and chile colorado burritos! Their salsa roja was pretty good, too.

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    1. re: Moose

      This is what I've heard too. I think it was his brother. The owner of the one on 20th is not involved at all. There's not even crispy tacos at the one on Lincoln. Just soft tacos al pastor and tortas.

    2. If this is true, you've made my day!

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      1. re: yogachik

        Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one. I'd love to have the old Chihuahua back.

      2. Chihuahua is back and better than ever! I checked out the Pico and Lincoln and I'll be back tomorrow.

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        1. re: spacehippy

          Posted yesterday - it is as good as I remember, which is GREAT

          1. re: yogachik

            Just curious, is this an order-at-the-counter place (like Tacos Por Favor) or a sit-down restaurant? Either way, I'm dying to try it, sounds wonderful.