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Aug 10, 2007 12:49 PM

mussels in detroit suburbs

my parents have always liked bastones in royal oak for mussels, but the last few times there, they have tasted off and order came out with half the shells still closed. they recently visited cape cod and got a taste of really fresh, local mussels pulled out of the water that night. i know that will not be possible to replicate in michigan, but any recs in the area for really fresh mussels? thanks!

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  1. Two places where mussels are a common order, meaning that they go through a lot of them, are the Earle at happy hour in Ann Arbor and the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit. The Earle is a good pick if you're out in that direction. They used to be free, and they're still only $2.50 for a decent-sized basket--they're a loss leader for the wine, which is considerably more expensive. I've always found them quite fresh there. I haven't eaten them at the Cadieux Cafe for awhile (my feather bowling pals moved out of town), so no guarantees, but they are a specialty there. Good luck, and let us know if you find a place--they're a great delicacy IMO.

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      i have been to cadieux twice in the past year. great place with an unbeatable selection of belgian beers and the feather bowling is fun. both times i have had the mussles. i know it's a belgian place and belgian food and beer is their specialty, but i cannot honestly discern the difference between their muscles and anybody elses. i am sure it is easy to measure them against a bad batch (very disappointing about your bastone experience because i really grown to love that place), but i have a tough time putting someone's way over another's. maybe because i am not a connoiseur of muscles (i would rather have some bracing, briney pacific coast oysters).

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        "Muscles" and then your talk of "bad batch" and "briny" kind of made me gag. hahaha.

        I've only had bad mussels at one place, Cheli's Chili Bar. It's not that they were bad but they were cold. A little rule of thumb I follow, as a huge lover of mussels, is that if they're on they menu I will try them and figure there has to be a reason why a resto would serve them. I've not been disappointed except at Cheli's (I know, you're all thinking, "DUH!")