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Aug 10, 2007 12:44 PM

A Restaurant for a book club to meet at...

I'm hosting my book club in a couple weeks - it'll be 6-7 late 20's aged women. We like to meet over wine and appetizers. I'm looking for a place below 14th street and not too expensive. Suggestions?

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  1. Maybe Luca Bar's backyard if it's nice?

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    1. re: haleyjen

      What about Think Coffee on Mercer Street.

      1. re: jackieparis

        We just had out last book Club at Epistrophy on Mott (btwn Spring and Kenmore). It was perfect. 7 of us sat at a long picnic table and ordered a variety of brucetta, ham and cheese plates, and salads. Lots of wine as's a very quiet place where people come to read or have drink and linger, but it was the perfect Book Club spot.

        1. re: zoeterry

          at nolita house, there's a large back booth that might suit you...

          1. re: mlt9

            IMO, Nolita House is too noisy for a book club.

    2. I like Cooper 35. Our book club has met there before (wine is $3 for house, $5 for pinot/some red and their mixed cocktails are $4. They also have a prix fixe dinner menu that's $16, not including tax & tip).. Think Coffee is a possible location for our November one. Cucina di Pesce is small, but they have nice banquettes and an inexpensive prix fixe menu.