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Aug 10, 2007 12:39 PM

5 old girlfriends dining in New orleans. Suggestions?

Four friends and I are getting together for a night in New Orleans. We are all south Louisiana girls, but not from N.O. I had wanted to make reservations at Jaque-imo's (been there once and loved) but it's closed for summer break at the moment. We are looking for a place for dinner that would have that same Jaque-imo's feel - unique food, fun lively atmosphere, an 'experience.' Any suggestions? something not overly formal and stuffy. Plus, we want to catch up with one another but not be shut off in small room with no one else. Like to people watch.

a friend suggested Crepe Nanou, for it's small french bistro feel and food. But it takes no reservations and I'm afraid our party might be too big. another suggestion was eleven79?

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  1. Part of the fun of Crepe Nanou is waiting for your table out on the sidewalk with a glass of wine. Depending on the weather, of course. A block over is Upperline, definitely an eclectic place. Also check out Dick and Jenny's - can't remember their reservation policy for a party that size.

    1. There is a newish Mexican place on the corner of Esplanade and Frenchmen that has a really nice outdoor area with a fountain. I can only vouch for the atmosphere, but it may be worth checking out. I think the name was Tomatillos. I'm sure a bunch of women cutting up would fit right in, and you can't beat people watching on Frenchmen St.

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        That courtyard is their only attribute. One margarita there - then have fun on Frenchman!

      2. Oh- I just thought of another good one- Marigny Brasserie. Good food and good people watching.

        Marigny Brasserie
        640 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

        1. Crepe Nanou is a great spot but, if you are talking about a Friday or Saturday night, the prospect of a long wait in the heat makes it a non-starter. While Dick & Jenny's does not take reservation, at least you can wait in relative comfort, and its has great ambiance. I also like Adolfo's on Frenchman (which IMO is better than 1179). It also does not take reservations, but they will call you when your table is ready as you sit, chat, and listen to music in the Spotted Cat or dba.

          1. I would try Cochon. You can make reservations via

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              Cochon for sure...better make resos quick....with their recent press it might be tough.
              Clancy's is always good for a group.
              One also has a great food and a good upbeat vibe

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                If I were you I would not go to Cochon. Wood bench seating, not all that comfortable for lingering and although the food is good it might not appeal to a variety of people. I also think it is more expensive than it should be. They must have a terrific PR person because they sure get all the buzz. Listen to the native New Orleanians not the out of towners.

                  1. re: Tonto

           born and raised.
                    Donald Link hit the spot with Cochon.
                    It's not the highest brow in town...but im sure it will be an experience like no other. The place has a lot of energy and I think would be fun for a group of ladies on the town.
                    Best Chef: South Chef Donald Link
                    Cochon was also nominated as Best New Restaurant: Cochon co/owned by Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski

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                      yes, cochon is great.. sat through a 2 1/2 hour lunch on 'dem would benches and didn't even noticed with the food so good and that awesome smoked pork smell in the air. I also don't think Cochon is expensive at all. We had 5 people for lunch and passed several of the small plates and the bill was only $150. I'm from Cajun country and I knew the dishes, but everyone else in are group was not and a little scared to try somethings, but overall, everyone really enjoyed it. The wood-fired oysters are truely amazing. I also really enjoyed the alligator dish. And I'm a native as well....