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For Tucson Hownds (Eegee's)

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We had one of these in the 80's in Glendale and I remember loving their food and especially their slushes. Are they still the same great subs and slushes? Been thinking of a road trip and making a stop. Is it worth my time?

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  1. Oh, man do I miss Eegee's. Especially this time of year when it's so hot out. I would absolutely make a stop if you get the chance. My favorite flavor was black raspberry. I only saw it once, but it had big, whole pieces of fruit mixed throughout.

    1. The last time I had Eegee's was in 2000 when we went down for my brother's graudation. Believe it or not there used to be one in the area of Cactus & Cave Creek where the new Carolina's is. I can't believe I remember that.

      Is there a website?

      Ask and ye shall receive... http://www.eegees.com/

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        Added it to the stream...

        2510 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716

      2. Yes, they're still good!

        BTW: there's a new Carvel's near the Albertson's on Speedway and Silverbell. Great ice cream.

        1. Here's the other not-so-secret benefit of Eegee's

          1. I'd do it as part of a Tucson chow tour. There have been times that driving two hours for a really big eegee have been tempting, though.

            1. Great time to go to eegee's; they have a new flavor, "tangerine dream" this month; first new one in several years. Of the regular flavors, I like a strawberry/lemon mix the best. And check their website, they not only list the flavor of the month, but usually have some good coupons.

              1. It surely is one of the reasons for you to visit Tucson~!! I still enjoy having a brain-freeze once in a while~ ha ha!

                1. I was in Tucson last weekend and swung by Eegee's for the flavor of the month, Cranberry Splash. It was good, but I noticed that there were no chunks of fruit like there usually is. I wonder if it was just this flavor, or if they've eliminated the fruit to save money?

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                    Probably just that flavor... you wouldn't want bits of excruciatingly sour unsweetened cranberry in your drink (Or maybe you would, but that's probably their reasoning in this case).

                  2. I always liked Baggins sandwiches better, but the slushies at Eegie's were excellent.