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Aug 10, 2007 12:21 PM

Mayday! Need Good, Casual Date Restaurant

Looking for a casual, but nice restaurant, preferably with mellow music so we can hear each other talk in the Silverlake/Los Feliz/Hollywood area - or even anywhere else in metro LA for an early dinner Saturday night.

It's a first date, so we don't want it to be expensive - +$35 pp, but would like to have a nice ambience.

Much appreciated!

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  1. This thread is similar to your request. Maybe it'll help.

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    1. re: ITurnedOutTV

      I've not heard of Cliff's Edge or Dusty's; but then, I don't live in that part of town. Both sound like contenders. Any recs in the Hollywood area? We really can go anywhere that's not deep WLA.

    2. I find ethiopian romantic, since you are supposed to feed each other the first few bites, and you eat with your hands, very sensual. Rahel or Messob are my favorite. Meals by Genet has a little ritzier atmosphere and the raised prices to match.

      Angeli Caffe in west hollywood is also nice and affordable, but mellow with good food.

      I would Say Cafe Lyon, but it closed.

      My parents liked Ciao Traottoria downtown. I haven't been in a year, but it's nice:

      Ca' Del Sole in North Hollywood/Universal City is nice

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      1. re: Diana

        Dusty's -- there's naysayers on the board about the food, but it's fine (way better than edendale). It's just a great place to have a nice, long dinner with a friend or a "new friend." It's comfortable -- romantic but not too romantic for a first date and hip. Btw, I really like the chicken breast stuffed w goat cheese over polenta -- huge and tasty!

        And I'd stay away from ethnic food like ethiopian or thai -- it's your first date, stick to something safe.

        1. re: Silverlaker

          Ethiopian is safe...ethnic means exotic, sort of new and thrilling, sensuous and exciting, but not too risquee. It's very tasty.

          Nothing makes for a more boring first date than a meal at a boring restaruant with typical, predictable food. Everyone does Italian or american, be exotic and make a great first impression as being someone who is fun and adventurous!

          rahel has a free BYOB policy, too!

      2. If you are willing to experiment with ethnic, consider:

        Los Balcones de Peru
        Jitlada Thai for southern Thai
        Sanam Luang Cafe

        More standard fare:
        25 degrees
        Lucky Devils
        Angeli Cafe
        Cube for small plates and BYOB
        Lou on Vine
        Fabiolus Cafe