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Aug 10, 2007 12:18 PM

1149 in Warwick, RI?

any word on eleven forty nine (site of the old bravo) in warwick? had fantastic experiences when chef jules ramos was at xo and mill's tavern...

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  1. Closest I've been is driving by as the dinner crowd was arriving. It looked packed which I took as a good sign (albeit not a reliable one of course). I know it's a pretty space inside.

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Went when it was Mario's, bad experience. Dirty silverware and glasses, waitress left with our food to wrap and never came back with it.
      Just went recently, overpriced, cold food, slow service. No thanks, never again.

      1. re: JaneRI

        If you want to eat food while you smell crap then its the place for you. Been 3 times and 2 of the 3 it smelled like a sewer treatment plant. We smelled it walking in through the back. Once we ate at the bar and the **** smell was unbearable. You'd think with 7 million they could get rid of the **** smell.

        Then the food. More or less fancy bland. Lots of fancy words from the waiter but the food didn't deliver. Long waits each time. Prices mediocre. Won't return until hear that they have definitively gotten rid of that smell. Ugh. Its brutal.

      2. A friend of my wife has reported that she was not impressed and that it was very overpriced.

        1. it's horrible - the food is gross and insanely priced

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            Oh, that's too bad! Could you be a little more specific about the food?

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              went last night. it's been been redone since it was bravo - more like pearl on the n. prov line (vibe is mod italian, almost gaudy)
              had a shaved tenderloin sandwich & iceberg salad - both fine, as was the service.
              it's an alternative to all the chains in the area if you're looking to go for a bite after work or shopping it's not bad, but also nothing to go running back for (little disappointing, sorta expected more given chef jules' credsat xo and mills when they were powerhouses)

              1. re: JaneRI

                more specific? ok - on the night 4 of us went: the salads we had were limp and the dressings tasted weird - the caesar was like salt/anchovy/cheap mayo, and the citrus tasted like a mouthful of sour pith. the burger was undercooked and has no flavor at all, and the sauteed onions were cold. the scrod was raw and the topping was oily and tasted like a fish taco. the seared salmon was ok but oversalted and the tomato sauce on it was disgusting and overpowering, almost burnt. and my short ribs were dry, tough and the sauce was awful - tasted like jarred bbq sauce plus pineapple juice. the mashed potatoes were salty. the spinach was too salty. the desserts were delicious but not a good value and surprisingly intricate and fussy, given the almost diner-like presentation of everything else. they say they're a steak house, but they serve a little steak (poorly executed), a little italian (flavors are wrong and poorly executed), a little fish (bad flavors and poorly cooked), some unusual garnishes and sauces (island? southwest? it just tastes hot, sweet, and gross), and really good desserts. and everything is ridiculously overpriced. and, now that i'm on a good roll, i didn't appreciate having 3 different shiny-suited, overcologned "managers" interrupt our dinner to ask how everything was, only to wander off to the next table before we could respond. yeah, it sucked.

                1. re: doodaa


                  Do you cook at home? If so, do you find yourself continually amazed that some people even TRY to run a restaurant? If you can't cook a steak to order, you have no business cooking in ANY sort of restaurant.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Nothing special. Salty food. Small portions. Way overpriced. I don't mind paying for great food, but here you pay the price for "just ok" and you don't get very much!. Also, we had pretty bad service given the upscale look they are trying to pull together. The waiter told us he'd be right back with our check and took 30 minutes. You expect that at Applebees, but we didn't expect that here. We waited a while for our drinks too and for the appetizers. Oh, the appetizers! We had 6 people at our table and 3 were men. We asked for a recommendation on what to share for our table as an appetizer. We ended up getting the pulled pork tacos, per the recommendation of the waiter. For a table of 6, he brings us 4 tiny little tacos. Never mentioned they were mini tacos and that not everyone would get one with the serving size. Don't bother.