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Aug 10, 2007 12:08 PM

YoMa menu suggestions?

YoMa menu suggestions? I just returned from SF and tried the Tea Leaves Salad at Larkin Express and it was a revelation. A new love.

I'm trying the place tonight for the first time. It's still there, right?

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  1. I've only had a salad (quite good) but see CornFusion's general post:
    I met CornFusion when I was there, was rec'd the homemade tofu salad but basically, everything. It's worth asking if something's not on the menu.

    1. I'm with AromaTherapy: Allstonian and I haven't really had anything bad over the course of several visits. I'm personally very partial to the wat thar thot.

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        the spicy chicken soup (cannot remember what it is called) was addictive. I also like their pork dishes: slow-cooked, tender and tasty.

      2. You mentioned in another thread that you found YoMa "all over the place" - do tell. I'd really like to hear about your experience there.

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          Shared the Tea Leaf Salad (not on menu, though server said it would be soon). Not bad. Far fewer fermented tea leaves than the two versions I just had out in San Francisco: a small mound of the tea leaves, a mound of crispy garlic chips, a mound of diced tomatoes, chopped jalapenos, fried peas (may be wrong here), and shredded cabbage---all of which you mix together yourself. Interesting, but I was hoping for more of the tea.

          DC had Chicken and Potato Curry with rice. Pretty good. Sauce had a nice peppery kick to it, the chicken was pretty moist, but it wasn't a "wow" dish.

          I wanted the crispy fish entree, but they were out. I asked for a recco, and server (owner?) suggested the first three items under Burmese Specialties heading. All were noodle dishes, and I selected the Pork with Noodles, Garlic, and.... (don't have menu now; it was #2). A little bland, despite the spicy onions you were supposed to mix in. Pork cubes were dry and included a few grisly pieces, and they were fairly flavorless.

          Service was friendly, and I would go back for another try. But probably order three completely different items.

          1. re: wittlejosh

            The tofu salad (made with home-made Shan style tofu, different from either Chinese or Japanese style Tofu) is a good choice. The owners are from the Shan states in Northern Burma, and if you ask for authentic Shan specialties-like the Tofu Salad- I find the results wonderful.

        2. I like YoMa a lot and try to make a point of eating there when I'm having dinner in Allston, but there are so many food options in that town that I don't get there as often as I'd like.

          Here's another vote for the Tofu Thot salad, T1 on the menu (I have a copy handy, so I can fill in the transliterated names). It's become a must-order for us, replacing the T7, AaMaeTharThot, aka BBQ beef salad. That's okay but doesn't come close to Floating Rock's Tiger's Tears, which it can't help reminding me of even though they're from two different cuisines.

          The T2, NanJeeThot rice noodle salad with curry chicken, eggs, and shallots is pretty good too, but is a lot like Y1, OhnNoteKhotSwe, the coconut curry chicken soup, something I do get every time even though I usually end up wearing some of it. Definitely add lime, fish sauce, and chili to taste.

          My partner really likes the Pan Fried Egg Curry with Potato (B1 or G5, which adds crispy tofu). We always spring for the Burmese traditional fried rice, which adds those wonderful crispy shallots and yellow beans to the mix. I think that's a worthwhile option for any of the rice offerings.

          When we have enough people to need appetizers, we go for A2, PaeKatJaw, the chickpea tempura, which I'd describe as a yellow bean wafer. Simple but good. The A1, BuTheeJaw gourd tempura is good too.

          I've had the Y2, SiJetKhotSwe, and found it tasty if a bit stolid. We didn't have problems with gristly pork the time we had it. I'm still looking for an equivalent to what I've had in the few other Burmese restaurants I've been to, "Night Market Noodles", which have lots of garlic and scallions. My favorite versions had duck in them.

          I've also tried but not been too impressed with B8, TaMinPoung, pork and Chinese sausage with veggies on rice, Y5, JarZanJaw, vermicelli with pork and shrimp, and Y8, TaMinJaw, fried rice with pork. We got that last done with Burmese-style fried rice, and it was the best of that lot. I'm still looking for other items to supplement our usual favorites, but haven't gotten there often enough or in a large enough group to do a throrough survey.

          If you like your food spicy, make sure to ask for it that way, since by default it's pretty tame. That's probably sensible, given their usual clientele; when we visited there shortly after they'd opened, every other person coming in was looking for the Chinese restaurant that used to be there and seemed quite put off by the idea of Burmese. I'm glad to hear that they're expanding into more traditional dishes.

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          1. re: T.B.

            some great suggestions. also, off menu, but usually available on request would be Mohinga (fish soup with noodles, the "national" dish of Burma) and Lepthok (tea leaf salad).

            A query--I recently heard that Yo Ma was no longer open for lunch. Can anyone confirm this?

            1. re: qianning

              I don't know officially, but that would certainly explain why they were locked up tight at 2 on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago.

              1. re: Allstonian

                But they might just have lunch M-F since there'd be more foot traffic those days.

                1. re: Joanie

                  that's what i am wondering...anyway, if anyone finds out the answer i'd appreaciate hearing it.

                  1. re: qianning

                    Wouldn't the answer be just a phone call away?

                    1. re: Chrispy75

                      LOL! Good point. Recording on their machines says now only open for dinner, 5-10 PM. No indication if this is summer hours or permanent.

                  2. re: Joanie

                    I remember seeing a sign about "summer hours" and no lunch service. This was on a weekday. It made me think once the fall rolled around they might start serving lunch again.