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LA Cooking Classes

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Hope you guys can help, and I hope this is the right place to post this!

I'm on the look out for some really enjoyable cooking classes in LA. It's a gift for 2 friends (they're a couple) so something romantic could be good, or something funky. Just good classes taught by someone who knows what they're doing in a nice environment would work.

Looking to spend between $50-$80pp.

Is that possible?

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  1. Try these places. I've tried the first and second schools and really enjoyed them. The last one I have heard good things about...

    Hipcooks in Down town.


    New School of Cooking in Culver City.


    Be Gourment on the Eastside.


    Good Luck!

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      Chefmakers-it may be more expensive than $80pp, but they offer "date night" cooking classes and have locations in Pacific Palisades and Manhattan Beach. I have only been to the Palisades, and they have a very cool set-up with a flat screen TVthat shows what the teacher is doing.

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        BeGourmet is a very intimate experience. Tim is great fun. I have taken a few classes with him and it is usually just Tim, me and my guest.

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          I could not find on the website where he holds his classes. Does anyone know?

      2. i second the recommendation for chefmakers...the best move is to take a class with a celebrity chef...my wife and i have been to classes with Thierry Ratiraut from Rover's in Seattle, as well as with Alain Giraud of Bastide...very fun time...the cost may be more than $80 but it includes a multi course meal with dessert and wine in the price...highly recommended

        1. Very specific experience, but we had a great time at La Cachette's Thanksgiving Dinner Class!

          1. I've had an enjoyable experience at Chez Cherie (www.chezcherie.com) in La Canada. They have a great variety of classes and some great excursions---and they have gift certificates. The ambiance is great and most people bring a bottle of wine to enjoy during the class.

            1. We've done two classes at Hipcooks, they were great for beginners but not great for real cooks who want to expand their skill set.