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Aug 10, 2007 11:41 AM

50th wedding anniversary dinner

My parents are in their early 70s and travelling to Montreal from Manitoba. I would like to send them for a special dinner. Requirements are: 1) walk or short cab ride from Old Montreal, 2) someplace they will not feel uncomfortable not speaking French, 3) great food, but somewhat traditional, not too unusual, 4) a very luxurious "special" atmosphere

I had thought Toque! but recent posts suggest it may not be as outstanding, and perhaps would not have the luxurious French atmosphere we are hoping for

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  1. For a romantic supper for an older couple, I'd be more inclined to choose a restaurant such as Bonaparte: It would certainly have the kind of atmosphere they would enjoy.

    I can't imagine any restaurant in that area where non-French-speakers would be ill-received.

    Where are they staying?

    1. I second Lagatta's recommendation for Bonaparte.

      1. Just got back from montreal. Went to L'express, Holder, a great little Italian place on St. Denis in the Latin Quarter called Amarone, and Bonaparte, where we stayed.
        No question...Bonaparte was wonderful. We don't speak French and did not feel the least bit uncomfortable. Food was delicious as was service and atmosphere. We are in our 50's also. I think it's a great choice for your parents. BTW the ravioli stuffed with mushrooms in a sage sauce was truly delicious. They also serve great breakfasts for their guests in case you need a place for them to stay.