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Aug 10, 2007 11:32 AM

PS 7 - Has anyone been there for RW?

They are extending Restaurant Week, the menu looks interesting and I was wondering if anyone has been there. Couldn't find much doing a search. Thanks

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  1. A few of my friends went in January and said it was very good for RW.

    I'm hoping to try it sometime next week because I absolutly love that place. If you are going to go make sure you or someone you are with gets the tuna sliders. I really enjoyed them when I was there for Happy Hour a few months ago.

      1. Just went last night! The space is really pretty....and our waiter was really nice. They are only offering the Restaurant Week menu, nothing else. I had the Tuna Sliders I had heard so much about. Very cute presentation, and they were tasty. I think the "idea" is good...but I think Tuna Tartare is better with a chip or cracker, rather than the little rolls. For my main, I had the "Steak and Potatoes." It's a hangar steak, which I thought was flavorful, served with 2 "crispy" potato gnocci. Ok, I had high expectations for crispy gnocci, but they looked like a flattened chicken nugget and were just ok tasting. Not bad at all, just ok. For dessert, I tried the Black Forest Mousse Cake. It was good and chocolately, but not exceptional at all. Kind of forgettable.

        All in all.....I enjoyed myself, but don't think I will be rushing back there. There are a lot of other good restaurants to try!

        1. I was at PS7's for RW last Tuesday and thought it was great. Good service, great food, and nice selection. I had the scallops for my entree and my husband had the veal breast and sweetbreads--both were delicious. You can read my review in my blog:

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            Thanks for the reviews and the information. I am going to keep my reservation and will try and report back.

          2. I went last night as well- it was good but def not exceptional. The tuna sliders were very good. My boyfriend had the duck appetizer and said it was good but did not enjoy the hangar steak at all- it was very chewy and just not too appetizing. The salmon was good but again, not exceptional. A friend had the chicken breast and said it was wonderful. If you go, do get the peach cobbler and beignets- those were pretty good. The only thing that stands out and I will remember is the buscuits they serve before the meal- those were very tasty. Overall, I'd say- 6.5 out of 10...good but would not pay the full price for the food.

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              yes...had the mussels (good) the veal (fantastic) and the peach crisp (a great finish) Also enjoyed a great glass or two of wine from a pretty decent selection. Our waiter was friendly and the atmosphere was upscale. My husband and I will return, RW or not!