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Aug 10, 2007 11:24 AM

What's the best place to buy baklava?


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  1. Artopolis ranks pretty high with me, and if you don't like the baklava, there's enough other baked goods there to try something else. Link --->

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      I am Greek and Artopolis has the best Baklava I Have had in my life.

    2. I like Damascus Bakery on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. I especially like their baklava with pistachios.

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      1. re: brooklynmasala

        their baklava with pistachios is a dream. beautiful layers, not that sweet. delicious.

        1. re: brooklynmasala

          I prefer the baklava at Orient Grocery across the street, especially the cashew kind! sooo yummy!

          1. re: kazhound

            ya I've had that at Orient Grocery; I like those guys too; not sure which is the huge circular one that they cut into diamonds but I bought one of those to a party; killed!

        2. There is a bakery next door to the restaurant Opa on 31st street, close to 30th Avenue in Astoria. They make a great baklava that is always fresh and the price is great too.

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          1. re: tomatoe

            The place next to Opa is:

            Yaya's Bakery
            2846 31st St
            Astoria, NY 11102
            (718) 932-3113

            The baklava there is excellent--very sweet and loaded with honey. For those who like a drier (and less sweet) baklava, check out the incredible selection at Laziza:

            2578 Steinway St
            Astoria, NY 11103
            (718) 777-7676

            1. re: jmat

              Second Laziza! One of the best I had in the city. Their knafe is by far the best when fresh!

          2. In Brooklyn, surprisingly, on a recent try I liked the house-made pistachio baklava at D'Vine on 7th Ave better than that normally obtained Damascus - it seemed fresher .

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            1. re: jen kalb

              I second D'Vine's baklava and their sweets in general.

            2. Turkish-style baklava at Gulluoglu (Coney Island Ave. between Quentin and P) comes in several varieties and is excellent.

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              1. re: Striver

                I second Gulluoglu!! In six months in Turkey and four months in Greece I never tasted better baklava, and I was seeking it out. Both their walnut and pistachio rectangular varieties are excellent, and very moist and sweet. I find the "cream" varieties a bit too sweet and wet, but that's just me.

                1. re: Striver

                  Their chestnut baklava is beyond my wildest imaginings good.

                    1. re: bigjeff

                      Truly unbelievable. They have a shop in midtown 982 2nd Ave (52nd St). You owe it to yourself to try it.