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Aug 10, 2007 11:20 AM

Icky experience at Aquitaine

Just had lunch at Aquitaine, and I had to share this experience. It's Friday, Restaurant Week, and they're slammed.

The waiter sets my co-worker's club sandwich in front of her, she starts nibbling on the accompanying fries. Seconds later, the waiter returns, tells us that there's no mayo on the club, and that he needs it back. She gives it to him and he replaces it with another.

We then watch as the first, mayo-less club returns to the counter where the servers pick up completed dishes. It sits for about 10 min. and is then picked up and delivered to a diner at another table (sans the couple of fries my co-worker ate).

I didn't say anything (I should have, right?), but it definitely struck me as pretty gross.

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    1. re: wontonton

      Oh brother.

      RW Week. Slammed. A pass that holds 5 or six plates.

      You're saying you watched a plate for 10 whole minutes sit in the window. In front of all the waiters, the managers, and the cooks. IN the middle of a slammed restaurant week lunch.

      You're absolutely sure in the 3 1/2 seconds it would take to take that plate down and put up a new one, nothing happened for 10 very long minutes?

      I guess I'll believe it when a poster talks about the cold fries they had at Aquitaine today.

    2. Before handing it back, co-worker should have mentioned that she had already eaten off the plate. I'm going to give these guys the benefit of the doubt and guess that they mixed up an order and assumed she hadn't touched the plate and they chose the fastest way to remedy the situation.

      Of course, we are talking about Aquitaine and not a greasy spoon, so I'll argue with myself and say that's really kind of gross no matter what - the appropriate answer is that the waiter should have just brought her a side of mayo and gotten a new sandwich from the kitchen.

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      1. re: jsjs09812

        yeah! I would say that is the really weird part. No mayo is so easily fixed without taking back the whole plate. sounds fishy all around

      2. Last year I had an equally unfortunate experience at Aquitaine - put me off RW altogether.

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        1. re: EllenMM

          Just wanted to chime in with a voice of dissent that I had a great RW experience at Aquitaine this year. Well-made cocktails at the bar and generally good service (except for some serious upselling of wine).

          My meal was really good. They seem to have changed the restaurant week since then, but my DC's and I were seriously wowed by the salt crod croquettes with saffron aioli on a greens salad generously laced with truffle oil. Next, a steak with corn, bacon, arugula.. and what they caleld a "goat cheese fondue," though I didn't really taste the goat cheese. For dessert, three tiny bruleed figs with fromage blanc- eh.

          That said, the mayo story sounds unfortunate.. and really gross!

        2. That sounds a bit strange. Are you sure it was the same sandwich? They are super professional there. In the future say something to the manager on the way out. They need to know about things like that. I agree with the other person who said that the fries would have been cold after 10 minutes.