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Aug 10, 2007 10:59 AM

ATL area (Alpharetta): Meal Delivery Service

I would like to buy a very pregnant/soon to be new mom a gift certificate for a meal delivery service. I am looking for a local service that prepares meals for the week and delivers them to your home, not a restaurant delivery service. Here's an example of one here in San Francisco:

Is there anything like that that can deliver to Alpharetta?


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  1. I live in Athens, GA and I consider myself a great cook (confirmed by several others). I'd be very happy to cook for your soon-to-be-mom! If you want to discuss menus and prices just reply to this post and maybe we can work something out!?

    1. Our business was inspired by new moms/busy moms! A personal chef in sorts. We also offer "Take & Bake." Many customers order meals for the wk. Oregano Chicken w/ Lemon pot., Slow cooked Roast w/vegt etc.. Alpharetta w/delivery. Pls. call 770-777-0430.