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Aug 10, 2007 10:57 AM

Just moved to East Brunswick

Anyone have any suggestions where to eat in the area? Any type of food will do, just make it good.!!!.

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  1. In East Brunswick, there's a sushi place on the corner of Tices Ln. and Rt. 18 that's really good. In Spotswood, Thai Chili is very good. Venture into New Brunswick for some good eats. Edison has great Asian food as well. Search the board for these towns and you'll find a lot of good stuff.

    1. The Sushi place referenced is Wasabi House.

      For great deli - Jesse and David's on Ryders Lane. Also in the strip is a good place on the northern end of the strip whose name escapes me right now (not the tomato factory, which is OK,but nothing to rave about.)

      For good fish - in an kind of chain setting - Bonefish Grill, on Rt 18 just south of Tices Lane.

      As noted, New Brunswick is a great restaurant town. Try Highland Park too - Pithari Tavern on Woodbridge Ave is a great greek place with outdoor seating. Pad Thai is quite good too for that type of food as well.

      Good luck and happy eating.

      1. In nearby South River, there's great fish- fresh and huge portions- at Jensen's on Ferry St. in an old fashioned "luncheonette" setting (often crowded on weekends, so I was a "to go" orderer most of the time). There are a few interesting recent ethnic places that have opened (from what I've heard) along with a number of older Portuguese places, as well -I used to like to get the giant sized orders of ribs or ribs and chicken to go at the Royal BBQ across from the Post Office. A few other "sit-down" Portuguese places in town as well, who's fortunes and reps have gone up and down- check for reviews for their current status (I moved out of the area 6 years ago).

        On the border with South River there are two great Polish delis in EB that make their own Kielbasi and other cold cuts (after you eat their's you can't go back to factory-made supermarket stuff), European Homemade Provisions (on Old Bridge Tpk) and Continental Provisions (Main St. [aka Bordentown Ave.] in the so-called Old Bridge section of EB).

        Also, I used to like the selection of breads (all "imported" from North Jersey or NYC, IIRC- good bread bakers have disappeared from the area, sadly) available at the American Harvest market on 18 and you might find some other specialties or vegetables you like there as well.

        EB is (as I'm sure you've noticed) the home of chains and fast food restaurants- the only thing I'd consider if I'm driving through the area is an OK Gyro sandwich at Miami Grill (I get the Nathans fries- better than the "seasoned" ones- but then I hate seasoned fries).

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          Mr. Jensen was my scout master and I grew up w/ the kids. My mom loves Jensen's. Polish Rest. on Main St too. The Hong Kong Supermarket has excellent, cheap food by the fish dept., if you don't mind eating in a supermarket, or take away. Good sushi out front too.

        2. I agree with the Thai Chili rec. Very good food, sweet service, and charming ambiance.

          Jesse & David's original location is in Manalapan, which is where we've been going since they opened many years ago. Their E.B. location is called Lox, Stock & Deli.

          In Highland Park:

          Seven Hills of Istanbul serves very good Turkish cuisine. Large space with kitchy decor.

          Shanghai Park has delicious steamed buns.

          We've been to Pithari Taverna once, and I didn't think the Greek food there was all that great. But you might want to try it and decide for yourself.

          In New Brunswick:

          Though Famous Dave's, on Route 1, is a chain, the bbq is quite decent.

          We go to The Frog and The Peach most often for their $21.95 3-course lunch prix-fixe. Right now, they're doing their annual Peach Festival dinner.

          One place in E.B. I would avoid: Blue Water Seafood Co. I know it's popular, but I can't imagine why since our one dinner there was one of *the* *worst* meals ever. Horrible food!

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            Jensen's in South River closed for good last July 29

            1. re: FoodDoc

              Bummer! Why? Elmer had 2 kids running it. What happened? Was the distance to the new Fulton fish market too great? I used to go to the old Fulton w/ Elmer as a kid. Great man and family.

          2. Welcome to East Brunswick.

            Depending on the food you are looking for, within a few miles here are my favorites:

            For home style Italian, Perrone's on Ryders in EB is fantastic. Their calamari marinara is the best in the land and they do have the best homemade bread. Dont bother with Carrabbas or Tomato Factory.

            For Mexican, nothing close that I like but Jose Tejas in Woodbridge and El Meson in Freehold are the best in my opinion..

            My personal cuisine is seafood, and you really need to venture toward the shore for the good stuff but Bonefish and Blue Water are very poor: Bonefish one saving grace is the bread.

            Among the best others are most in NB: Harvest Moon (great brewery too), Old Man Rafferty's, grab a boli @ Stuff yer Face. Outside frog and peach, other 'upscales' in NB are really not as good as advertised but please develop your own opinion.

            Best bagels in the land are Bagel Giant on Cranbury Road. Agreed about quality fresh food and specialty foods at American Harvest and the new Seafood Market on 18 is under new ownership and has been batting 1000 since.

            The town is still in dire need of a Trader Joes or Whole Foods- would even take a Wegmans. For the freshest produce/etc, make the trip to Delicious Orchards- worth it.

            Welcome again and if any other questions on types of food, be happy to help.

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              For Mexican -- Marita's Cantina in New Brunswick