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Aug 10, 2007 10:48 AM

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Hey all!! Its my husbands birthday on Tuesday (many of you helped me chose my menu) and the family is all coming over before our dinner for champaign and b-day cake. My husband is a chocolate freak and I really wanted to make a special chocolate cake- (I dont bake much only because of weight reason but i do love baking). I heard a lot about epicurious (website) chocolate cake and Ina Gartens chocolate cake- any advice on which to go with if any? Recipes welcome!! Thanks!!

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  1. scroll down about 24-25 posts to wheat free cake. I think you might like the cake recipe I just posted.

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      To get alot of laughs and alot of compliments make a chocolate earthquake cake
      for laughs it looks like somebody with a size 15 like mine stepped right in the middle
      of it. but for taste you can`t beat it. I use to take one to myn potluck at work and
      I saw seven people at one time in line to get a piece of that cake. as funny as might
      be there will be no leftovers. I don`t know of another cake that is made like this,
      where you put the frosting in the batter before you bake it.

    2. This is my go-to cake for a chocoholic for a special occasion. It's a triple chocolate celebration cake.

      I've done it w/out the gold chocolate transfer paper, just poured chocolate ganache over it. But, you can also use plastic floral wrap if you can't get gold transfer paper.

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        Thank you both for your advice- The triple chocolate celebraion cake looks heavenly... :)

      2. the chocolate cake recipe on the back of a can of hershey's coca is excellent. I make it often, but i substitute chocolate soy milk for the milk....makes it dairy free and very chocolaty...but the regular version is also easy and great. The trick is boiling water!

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          Thanks for that tip! I will check out the recipe when I am in the store- Has no one tried either Ina's recipe or epicurious?

          1. re: gastronomy

            Are you talking about the double chocolate layer cake from epicurious? If so, there have been a few reviews of it here if you do a search. I've used a similar recipe and like it but prefer butter over oil in cakes. I think they're both similar to the one on the back of the Hershey's cocoa (or from what I remember--it has been posted here, too). The Best Recipe has a recipe for a sour cream chocolate cake that I've made for people who's raved about it. Sadly, I haven't had a piece yet. If you're interested in the recipe, I can post it.

            For a simple chocolate frosting, Nyleve here and others recommended sour cream and melted chocolate--really simple and fudgey. I still prefer chocolate ganache but the sour cream one is so easy.

              1. re: chowser

                (Paraphrased from the Best Recipe)

                Sour Cream Fudge Cake
                1 c. non-alkalized (natural) cocoa
                2 tsp. instant espresso
                1 c. boiling water
                1/2 c. sour cream
                2 tsp vanilla
                1/2 lb butter
                1 3/4 c. sugar
                2 large eggs, room temp
                1 1/4 c. all purpose flour
                3/4 tsp. baking soda
                1/2 tsp. salt

                Preheat oven to 350.Grease 2 9" cake pans, cover bottom w/ parchment paper, grease and flour. Mix cocoa and coffee; add hot water and stir. Cool to room temp and add sour cream and vanilla.

                Beat butter until smooth and shiny, about 30 secs. Gradually beat in sugar until fluffy and almost white (3-5 minutes). Add eggs, one at a time, beating 1 minute between each.

                Whisk flour, baking soda, salt. On medium speed, add 1/3 dry ingredients to bater. Add 1/3 cocoa mix to batter and mix. Repeat, ending w/ cocoa mix. Beat low speed for 15 seconds until satiny. Pour evenly into pans. Bake 23-30 minutes. Cool 10 minutes on wire pan, run knife around edges, turn out. Pull off parchment, right cake, cool completely.

                Note: I've used hot coffee and added cocoa to it, instead of boiling water and adding espresso.

                Chocolate sour cream frosting:


                There are some on this site, too, but that's the one I've used. For the sour cream fudge cake, Best Recipe suggests chocolate butter icing made by melting 9 oz. bittersweet chocolate, 1 stick of butter over almost simmering water. Stir in 1/3 c. corn syrup. Set bowl over bowl of ice water, stirring until thick enough to spread. It's okay, but really easy to use. Personally, I prefer a softer chocolate ganache since it's not as sweet and you can taste the richness of the chocolate better.

          2. The chocolate cake on the back of the Hershey's cocoa can is very, very good! I was a judge at a chocolate cake tasting and out of 78 cakes this was the cake that won. Several of the judges were professional bakers.

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            1. re: Curmudgeon

              Okay the verdict is in..... I have decided to go with Ina only because I always have such great success with her recipes. That said I cant decide between the chocolate ganache cake or the double chocolate layer cake. (the other one looks wonderful too but i decided to leave that for another time). I decided to make both cupcakes and cake! :) Im going to use the chocolate ganache recipe for cupcakes and the double layer cake for the cake! Who cant like that idea! :)

            2. Although it seems like you have made your decision, while you are on Epicurious, you should check out the Chocolate Stout cake. It is one of the best cakes I have ever had, and you can have fun stumping your guests on what the "secret" ingredient is.

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              1. re: Calliope1

                Thanks! I did end up making Ina's chocolate layer cake (I posted about it on the other thread)- It turned out to be so incredible! One of the best cakes any of us tasted! I did check out the stout cake recipe and it does look like fun- I will try it for sure! :)

                1. re: Calliope1

                  as a person who haes beer, will I taste "beer" in the cake? does it just add a different dimension or depth to the chocolate?

                  1. re: alex8alot

                    No, the cake definitely does not taste like beer. It just adds a nice different flavor, particularly because a dark beer like stout works to bring out the chocolate.

                    1. re: Calliope1

                      good to know, thanks for that info! Is there a particular beer that works best, or that you prefer? Not being a beer drinker, I wouldn't know a good one from the worst.