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Aug 10, 2007 10:36 AM

Taste of the Danforth

OK. I know. I know. It is probably the worst way to check out the food on the Danforth. But I am going on Saturday night and I would like to know if there is any place that towers above the rest. Preference would be Greek and I anticipate eating at the restaurant as opposed to eating on the street. Thanks.

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  1. Messini is the best by far for souvlakis, gyros, tzatziki and greek salad. They even have amazing veggie pitas with olive tapenade - absolutely fabulous!

    1. Saturday night may be the worst time of all for crowds. Be glad if you survive the melee at all let alone make it to a specific destination. I gave up going the year I saw the crowd nearly crush a baby in a stroller. Who needs a gyro that badly?

      1. I live in the neighbourhood and have avoiuded this event for a few years now. The crowds get so bad on Sat night, that I have seen near fistfights, people almost getting crushed, and vendors gouging people by making up prices almost on the spot (I think this is under control now). Heaven forbid there is ever an emergency at the event. As far as what to eat? Whatever you can get close to. Any souvlaki cooked over a charcoal fire is generally good.

        1. Sorry, another naysayer. I live 4 blocks from the Danforth and make a special effort to leave town on this special weekend.

          Based on my few experiences they set up huge displays across the Danforth that leave pedestrians a few feet on either side to squeeze through. Multiply that by 100,000's of thousands trying to walk around. Record for one weekend was 1 million people.

          But if you must go, go Friday night when it is the most civilized. The roasted corn from Mexican restaurant is usually good, as Zengirl says Messini is good and Avli is pretty solid. Avoid the sushi, I know you know 34 degrees and sushi do not mix, but I saw the health inspector make them throw it all away one year. Inside the restaurants is usually a good bet because for some reason everyone wants to be pushing each other around on the street.

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            Yeah I felt pretty guilty too being one of those people that says what not to do. Not terribly helpful at all. I understand TOTD is okay in the early afternoon. Perhaps lunch with the friends and then run to a nice uncrowded patio in another neighbourhood for drinks.

          2. i'm all about avoiding it at all costs because it's just chaos and really not all that fun with lots of overly priced food (you can see the cheaper regular prices just two feet behind each the food stalls at pretty much all restos).

            if you do insist on going... make a reservation if you possibly can and hold onto that table, especially if it's a patio. you've jsut gotten a coveted spot! proprietors won't kick you off since they're more concerned about the people standing in line that are willing to pay ridiculous prices for overcooked meats on skewers.