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Aug 10, 2007 10:32 AM

Meal for 6 near Boston Convention Center

I'm going to a conference at the newer convention center (waterfront, not Hynes) and am planning on meeting up with some former coworkers on Sunday night (Aug 19 - the conference starts on Sunday, ugh). Since I'm the "local" of the group, they're asking me to plan where we eat, but I'm totally lost in that part of Boston. From what I can tell, there aren't many options. We'd prefer not to go too far from the convention center, because there is another session at 7 pm (we'd be eating around 5:30). I called Salvatore's and they're not open on Sunday. Is my only option LTK? And if it is I'm guessing it will be packed (there will be at least 10,000 people at this conference, and they all need to eat!). Please help! A place that takes reservations would be great, but that's not a must.

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  1. I'd rather go to Eastern Pier II than to LTK. It's an unprepossessing American Chinese place, but I find the quality good for its type (many worthy seafood dishes), it's right on the waterfront, and they'll take a reservation for 6+.

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      Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. I already made the reservation.

      1. re: MrsCheese

        Please report back on your experience!

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          Be sure to request a table outside on the waterfront deck. Agree with MC Slim JB, you can't go wrong with most of their seafood dishes. They usually have a chow foon with one kind of fish or another listed on the whiteboard inside and it is always delicious, especially when it's with monkfish. Sometimes they prepare it spicy, sometimes not, so if you don't like surprises, you might want to ask. Other dishes we've liked: pea pod stems (if they have them, also on the whiteboard), clams in black bean sauce, shredded duck lo mein, chicken hot pot,roasted duck wonton soup.

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            Appreciate the recs - I'll report back.

      2. Lucky's Lounge on Congress St.
        A short walk from the Convention Center - in nearby Fort Point. It looks like a bit of a dive on the surface. Actually, it looks like nothing at all -- there's no sign out front.
        The food is amazing though, classic and new american (pan seared ahi tuna salad or mac and cheese) You can eat, and then move over to the bar side for cocktails (Sunday is Sinatra Night I think). There's no night life around the convention center, so that's your best bet to entertain.
        Again, there's no sign, which means no tourists - which means you'll gain some real "local" cred.

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          Thanks, that's great to know. I'll be going out other nights too, so I'll definitely keep it in mind. But how will I find it without a sign? ;-)

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            It's on the corner of A St. and Congress. From the convention center head toward downtown Boston; you will come to a bridge with a staircase. Go down the staircase and it will bring you onto A street. Cross the street and go left toward Congress. I would not classify the food as amazing but it is fine. Also believe there is a bar in both rooms.

        2. I see you made reservations, and Slim's pick is the best in that area, but I will throw the nearby Barking Crab out there in case you need another rec.

          Fun place on the water that gives a nice New England seafood shack experience to visitors.