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Aug 10, 2007 10:21 AM

Pre-Ironman, Post Da Andrea (W Village), nearby for wine?

Hi Hounds :)

Scenario: Leaving for my Ironman race the following Thursday, doing an intimate "carbo loading" dinner at Da Andrea (personal fav in NYC), and wanted to meet some other friends for a glass or two of wine somewhere close by...

Requirements: Low key, good for a small group, not too scenester-y, good wine, walking distance from Da Andrea

So think a group of maybe 8 people that is near Da Andrea (Hudson St | Btwn Perry St & 11th St), low key, and nice for a few glasses of wine.

Mucho besos,

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  1. You might want to try The Otheroom on Perry between Greenwich and Washington. They only serve wine & beer so I would imagine that they would have a great wine list (though I usually stick to beer when I go). It's very low key and a great place to sit down and catch up. Good luck with the race!

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      MacnCheesy, Thanks! That sounds perfect :)

      I am going to need all the luck I can get for the race... looking to come in around 16 hours! :)

    2. I went to a new wine bar on Hudson at Leroy last night. I don't know if it has a name yet but the sign above the door is Candy Store or Candy Shop.

      We had a delicious rose and riesling; the rest of the list looked good as well. It was low-key when we went but we went after work. Pretty much all the seating was around the bar so I don't know how good it would be for a group of 8 but you may want to give it a try.

      IMO, this Candy Store place wins for the wine list as well as a more "grown up" feel but Otheroom wins for its "festive" atmosphere.