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Aug 10, 2007 10:20 AM

good eats off the red line?

i am looking for good places to eat that are within walking distance of the redline, anywhere between sheridan and jackson would be best. any type of cuisine is good (mexican, brazillian, indian, french bistro, sushi/japanese, thai, seafood, ethiopian, vegetarian, italian, spanish, really anything). price range - would prefer if it wasnt too expensive, under 20 for an entree. thanks.

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  1. TAC Quick is right at the Sheridan stop.

    Lots of Vietnamese places are along Argyle next to the el stop.

    1. Count me in for a DEFINITE second on the TAC rec.

      1. What to eat by El stop! I love it! Sounds like many of my lunches!! Since about half the city is off the Red line her are some of my "hits".

        Downtown: too many to list!

        Going north:

        Clark & Division; this puts you right by the Viagra Triangle; there are tons of places to eat here, Hugo's, Gibson's, Mortons, Tavern etc; and they are all about three blocks away.

        Fullerton: Fiesta Mexicana and The Taco Burrito Palace (best burritos in the city) are close by at Halsted, there is also an English pub that has good Fish and chips on Lincoln called The Red Lion, and just a little east and south is the original Bachino's Pizza is also on Lincoln nearby too.

        Belmont: if you like Philly Cheese steaks; Philly's Best is a few doors east of the stop, as is Ann Sather's for great Cinnamon rolls and Swedish fare.

        Lawrence: It's not food but the Green Mill for Jazz is a must.

        Argyle: as nsxtasy pointed out there lot's Vietnamese on it, but it also the Northside's Chinatown, so great Chinese options are right there as well.

        Berwyn: three blocks over on Sheridan & Balmoral is Wing Hoe.

        Bryn Mawr: there used to be a good dive joint for fried chicken & Chinese under the El called Cheng's.

        Loyola - Since you mentioned Indian, it not off the el but if you hop the Devon bus from here, Chicago's India Town is about 2-3 miles west. I recently read that we have the largest India town in the US, and the 2nd largest in North America after Toronto.

        Rogers Park stops: Morris, Jarvis, Howard – walk three blocks west to Clark St. and you’re in a very diverse Hispanic community, from Peruvian to Mexican it’s all there; Roger Spark posted to a great thread on this area:

        Lastly, transferring at Howard to the Purple line into Evanston opens up allot of various options, such as Davis St. fish market, Pete Millers, even Hecky’s BBQ and Giggio’s NY, style pizza!

        Going south:

        Cermak/Chinatown: easy one! Chinatown! Cuatro: is also nearby on Wabash, but that might be a scary walk late at night!

        35th/Sox: Nothing too fancy around here, Ricobene’s is here as well as the Maxwell St. depot for the best Chicago Polishes.

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          Great list!

          You skipped stop at North and Clybourne though - Boka and Landmark are really good (but a little more expensive than you were looking for). Also, the Black Duck is a nice, relaxed bar with decent food.

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            Dang. That's some list right off the top of your head. I'll add one. Right next to the El stop on Addison, there's a great little taco restaurant. Cheap, juicy and tasty.

            Plus, you can walk up to Clark, turn left and go to Mitsuya (sp) for very good Japanese food or Goose Island for upscale pub grub.

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              Thanks all! I know I skipped a few stops, but I just couldn't think of a place I've been to at all of them!

              Anyway here are two more:

              Lawrence/Wilson: Gigio's Chicago's best NY Style pizza- right under the El tracks, been there since at least the 60's.
              Thorndale: Moody's Pub; really good Chicago Pub burgers 1/2 lb and char broiled, yum!

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                Also off the THORNDALE stop is Ras Dashen. Excellent Eithopian food.

            2. . . . and so you'll have something for the Jarvis stop: Gruppi degli Amici for a respectable thin-crust pizza.

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                I'd add:
                -The Hop Leaf, which is about a 10 minute walk west from the Berwyn stop, but so worth it for the food, beer and the nice walk through a nice neighborhood.
                -A few blocks North on Clark (so add a few more minutes to your walk)is Ante Prima--a great, beautiful Italian-styled place.
                -A place called Rick's Cafe off the Sheridan stop (a few doors South)--a smalll, husband and wife run French Bistro--delish and quaint.
                -Standard India Restaurant off the Belmont stop--worst name, worst decor (it is truly a dump) but delicious buffet Indian food--and BYOB.
                -La Tavernetta off the Belmont stop (East to Broadway, then down a few blocks. it is a basement place, looks funny from the outside, but super quaint and good fresh pasta and great cannoli.
                -In the aptly named "Viagra Triangle" (see above post), Dublin's has a great skirt steak. Get it rare with extra butter...
                -Arco De Cuchilleros off the Belmont Stop, around Roscoe and Halsted, great Sangira and tapas and atmosphere
                -Bittersweet Bakery West of the Belmont stop.
                -Off Argyle, I like Pho 777 best for Pho.
                -I second Moody's west of Thorndale.
                -Coffee at Metropolis east of the Granville stop is the city's best in my opinion.

                And I think that's all I got right now. Good luck!