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Aug 10, 2007 10:17 AM

Looking for Two Ingredients: Tasso and Fresh Blue Corn Tortillas...

It's a very long story, but I'm looking for two ingredients for two dishes I am cooking for next week, and I'd rather not have to go through mail order to find them.

I need tasso, which as many (if not all) of you know is a smoked, spiced, cajun ham.

I'm also looking for fresh blue-corn tortillas (6" taco size).

Any ideas where I can find these items in the DC area? They do _NOT_ have to be in the same place, obviously.

- Andrew Langer

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  1. Try calling Latin Market in Wheaton, or just google other Latin markets in Wheaton. There are many small business there that sell homemade tortillas. The one I'm thinking of is on University or Ennals right between Viers Mill and Georgia.

    Please post if you do find them. I'd love to know where they can be found!

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      After calling every Whole Foods market in the DC area, I finally found them at the Whole Foods in Old Town. Because of inconsistency with their supplier, Whole Foods may be discontinuing them...

      But it worked - I won my Iron Chef competition...
      The secret ingredient was Eastern Shore Sweet Corn, and I made the following:

      Pork and Sweet Corn Tacos al Pastor in Blue Corn Tortillas with an Ancho Mole Barbecue Sauce
      Maque Choux (cajun creamed corn) with Andouille Sausage and Jumbo Lump Maryland Blue Crab Meat

    2. I don't know that you will find authentic tasso in this area. I've looked and have never had success. A great online resource for the future is They make tasso and andouille -- real, Louisiana Andouille!