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Aug 10, 2007 09:52 AM

GREAT Italian???

Hey there! Family and friends are coming in for the NYC Marathon in November and want to take them somewhere "cool" but "touristy." We do not want to spend a bundle because 4 of us are running and we can not even drink so that rules out Babbo, Lupa, etc.

We have a res at Piccolo right now but didnt know if there was another place out there I have not heard of....want to be downtown, pereferably in Soho, Little Italy, GV, or WV. Thanks!!!!

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  1. i know alot of the LItaly places get bashed on the site, but I LOVE Sal Anthony's SPQR, and I understand Il Cortile is suppsd to be vg.

    1. Crispo on 14th between 7th and 8th. Excellent Italian food.

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        i would suggest either piccolo angolo or crispo

      2. Il Cortile. GREAT pasta. You chose the pasta and then choose the sauce. A great concept that few restaurants do. It's the best of Little Italy and one of the best in NYC.

        1. Villa Mosconi is a nice old-style Italian restaurant. It is on Mcdougall below Bleecker. Excellent service and excellent food!

          1. Da Nico should fill the bill nicely