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Aug 10, 2007 09:50 AM

Best Foie Gras?

OK, obviously outside of the immediate county limits, but I know foie is still on the menu outside of the immediate city- who's doing the best?

Will drive anywhere, will taste anyone's. :)

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  1. The best foie gras dish I've had in the suburbs - and possibly the best foie gras dish I've ever had anywhere - was the "medallion of seared foie gras over foie gras and mushroom strudel", served at Michael in Winnetka. It was superb (as was everything else there). Read my complete report at

    And yes, you can take the train there! Michael is one short block south of the Indian Hill stop on Metra's Union Pacific North Line, which has service well into the later evening in both directions.

    Foie gras is still served at some restaurants in the city, too, but those places are best not publicized, so as not to get them in legal trouble.

    1. I've always had fantastic preparations of foie gras at Vie in Western Springs. Here's their current rendition off their site (

      seared hudson valley foie gras, sweet corn cake, klug farm blackberries, sicilian pistachios and preserved meyer lemons

      AND you can take the train there!

      1. I've had foie gras two places recently. About a month ago I had it as an appetizer at Barrington Country Bistro. Very wonderful and I highly recommend both this appetizer and the restaurant. I'll give you the link and you can check it out under "dinner specials". More recently I had it at Tramonto's Steak and Seafood on Milwaukee. They have it as both a hot and cold appetizer, but you can also get a roasted slice on top of your steak or a whole roasted lobe. I had the slice on top of my steak and it was an incredible combination.