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Aug 10, 2007 09:42 AM

MSP - I need a suggestion for a birthday lunch in

Monday is my birthday and I am having a shopping and lunch day with my siter and SIL. Suggestions for a special lunch? I was planning on Cafe Maude, but they aren't open for lunch yet.


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  1. I would suggest Salut and then a fun trip to Sur La Table. Even if your not a good that area has fun shops just to look at. The food is wonderful french and priced for those who want a treat or just a sandwich. Happy birthday!!

      1. Do you know already where you are planning to shop?
        -- Downtown?
        -- Uptown?
        -- Edina?
        -- MOA?

        That'd help us focus our suggestions.

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        1. re: KTFoley

          Somewhere with some small fun shops. Edina or S. Mpls would be good. Even Victoria Crossing. Shopping recommendations also welcome. My sister wanats to be a decorator.

          Not MOA!

          1. re: eastsidegirl

            Edina -- 50th & France neighborhood, and Salut as recommended
            S. Minneapolis -- Linden Hills neighborhood (very low-key), and Rice Paper?
            Uptown Minneapolis -- Lake & Hennepin neighborhood, and Lucia's or Barbette as recommended
            St. Paul -- Victoria Crossing or Grand Ave from Hamline to Snelling, and the wine bar at Cafe Latte?
            MOA -- sorry but I had to ask.

            1. re: eastsidegirl

              S. Minneapolis - Cafe Ena on 46th and Grand.
              Edina - there's a new restaurant called Via that I've heard is good. here's a review: , and

              I haven't tried either yet, but have heard good things about both.

          2. Cafe Twenty-Eight is good! Also, now open on 50th and Bryant is Blackbird Cafe. Haven't tried it yet, but the menu online looks good. It's it looks very cute! There's also the Edina Grill...which is casula, but always good.

            1. Happy birthday!

              You could go to Broders Cucina Italiana (2308 West 50th Street) - I have only been to the Pasta bar across the street, but have heard that the Cucina is good for lunch. It is small and casual though. But if you drive along 50th there are some nice shops - Patina on 50th and Bryant, Nu Look Consignment on 50th and Penn, a really cool vintage lighting store that I think is at 50th and Xerxes (there are 2 lighting stores near each other on a corner). And then of course the shopping at 50th and France (Anthropologie, etc.)

              I also second the recommendation for the Linden Hills area and for Rice Paper (Asian fusion). My places to shop there include Bibelot, Wild Rumpus kids' books, a toy store, and the Linden Hills home store (across from the food coop - it sells eco-friendly clothes, household items, etc.) There is also a Sebastian Joe's right there if you want some birthday ice cream, and Cafe 28 would be my choice for a birthday beer!